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Considering Cutting Cable


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I'm moving and have to choose a new TV provider. I've been waffling on the decision for weeks. Comcast is too expensive and I'm having a huge problem getting over that both of the major SAT providers are requiring a 2-year commitment.

Lately I've been thinking about loosing paid TV all together in favor of on-line streaming via a PS3, XBox 360 and/or a cheap HTPC. One thing that I'd miss is live sports, especially Monday Night Football.

Hulu-Plus looks great as you get access to a ton of content for $10/mo. You can access Hulu-Plus from PS3 today. It's coming to the Xbox360 sometime in early 2011. Speaking of Xbox360 it can be used to access Netflix and the Zune stuff is neat because if you purchase content it's available for use on any (non Apple) device. The problem is that from what I can tell, nothing is free. You have to pay for everything you watch. There is no subscription option.
Is Monday Night Football not on one of the "Big Three" networks anymore? A digital antenna is a one-time investment (unless it "breaks" like mine... )
MNF moved to ESPN in 2006.

For all of the HT gear I own I don't watch much TV. It's just on while I'm doing other stuff. Even when I do watch I spend more time channel surfing than actually watching anything. My two high schoolers watch content on the computer than anything else.

I'm coming to realize that it's just a cultural hang-up of mine to think that I need SAT or CATV. Maybe if I get an antenna large enough for reliable local HD channels, and an internet connection fast enough to support okay-quality streaming I can save a few bucks.
What are your thoughts on Dish Network?? :eusa-whistle:

You know I'm just kidding. :mrgreen:
This is turning out to be more complicated than I'd hoped. The OTA stuff is easy enough but the problem is that I can't determine if Hulu Plus will allow you to watch on more than one TV at a time with a single account.
It was officially announced today that the Roku and Tivo Premier will support Hulu Plus service. That pretty much settles it.

I'll cut my TV expenses to $20 a month by using free OTA, $9/mo Netflix and $10/mo Hulu plus. I'm sure there will be a few growing pains but the worst thing that can happen is I'd be out the $200 (for the Roku hardware for two TVs) and go back to DirectTV.

The only hurdle remaining is to find an OTA tuner/receiver to connect to the projector in the HT. The Tivo Premier is an option but I don't want to pay $12/mo for the service.
I had to find and then dig through the EULA but sadly this is what I found...

You agree that your Hulu Plus account is for individual use only and your Hulu Plus account is limited to only one simultaneous stream at a time.

With a wife and two teenagers in the house I'll likely often need at lest two streams. So I'll need a separate $10 account for each box.

I also learned that Netflix apparently varies the number of simultaneous stream depending on your subscription level; one disc = 1 stream, 2 discs = 2 streams. They allow upto six devices but only xx streams. We may be able to get by with one Netflix stream, but I'll budget for two to save any added aggravation for the aforementioned wife and kids.

These may be deal breakers.

The point of the exercise was to save money a significant amount of money. It looks like the best case scenario is that I'll actually loose money in the first year and won't make up that loss until well into the second year.

Option 1
(Direct TV, 3 HD sets with whole house DVR $65) + (3-6Mbps DSL $20) = $85/mo.
No equipment to buy
Total for 1 year = $1020

Option 2
("up to" 20 Mbps cable internet $30) + (Netflix 2 DVD plan $14) + (Hulu Plus for two TVs $20) = $64/mo
Three Roku boxes - $300
Obsolete but necessary OTA tuner for projector in HT - $175

Total for 1 year = $1243
I came seriously close to cutting DirecTV today after i found out they had automatically auto-renewed NFL Sunday Ticket after I had 4 conversations with them last year trying to get them to cancel it then.

I mistakenly signed up for one of their bullshit promotions where if I bought the NFL Sunday Ticket i would get ALL the premium channels free for 5 or 6 months. I did the deal and when it was over I got like a $250 dollar bill. They said after the promo was over I had all fo the premium channels and I had to pay for them. It took me 4 phone calls and multiple hours before I finally got it all straightened out. I paid for the premium channels for the partial month I had them before I tried to cancel, cancelled the NFL Sunday Ticket, and told them in no way, shape, or form did I ever want it again.

So after 3 more calls today, 2 of which I was conveniently disconnected, I think I have it all cancelled again. I hate those bastards, and I am NEVER going to accept any of their promotional BS packages again, unless it contains hummers from Jamie Pressley.
My biggest problem with DirecTV is that they are requiring a two year contract. That's an eternity in today's environment. There are too many things on the horizon that I want to at least have the option to get in on.

I'm still vacillating but I think I'm going to go ahead with the OTA/Roku solution for at least one set. If that works well I'll add another box and Hulu subscription for the second set.
It is expensive. I watch very little TV and am going to investigate if I can get those shows streaming. I almost don't care about PQ as much anymore.
Speaking of picture quality... Since I have my PC connected to my pre/pro I went ahead and signed-up for a Hulu Plus account to see what the PQ looks like on a 58" TV.

It's not good. It's not unwatchable but it's a significant step down from the U-verse HD that I am used to.

I've also learned that due to weird licensing agreements not all Hulu+ content is available on the Roku. Some shows are playable on a PC only, some are PC and mobile only and, and some are PC and mobile and TV (Roku or other device like a PS3).
-B- said:
It is expensive. I watch very little TV and am going to investigate if I can get those shows streaming. I almost don't care about PQ as much anymore.
I've started watching Jon Stewart on my computer (24" iMac, and it doesn't include commercials!) and pretty much get my news on cnn.com, and I don't have to click on the "Lindsay Lohan Broke a Nail!" threads. Just missing the Speed channel and a few other things...
So I have a Roku device, can't seem to find hulu in the available channels. Hope I don't need the new one to get it. :doh:
Only Hulu+ on the Roku.

"Regular" Hulu content requires a full blown web browser (a PC in other words). What that all equates to is that there will be some Hulu content that you will not be able to play on the Roku. The only advantages to the Roku over a PC is the interface (a clicker style remote instead of a keyboard) and the $100 cost. The disadvantage is the availability of content.
I'm like SH......I have only used OTA for around 6-7 years now (use a $14 Radio Shack double bow-tie in the family room---looks like some art-work to folks & in my Boom-Boom room I have a cheap RCA rabbit ears/w amp on top of a pole lamp). Don't miss D* or Time Warner at all. If you need a ATSC tuner...........look for a DVD player with a recorder...they have ATSC tuners......
Well... - got the Roku installed. Installation was a breeze but the PQ is not as good as I'd hoped. I need a new BD player anyway and since the Roku won't access Hulu I decided to get the Samsung 6900 since BestBuy had it on sale for $250.
Now that I have experienced Hulu+ on my television I an convinced that that apps are the future of TV watching. I was shocked... SHOCKED at how good the PQ is with my scrawny 6Mbit/sec connection.