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corner bass traps


Well-Known Member
For bass trapping only, Is it ok to spray the entire surface with adhesive? And would some artwork painted with fabric paint be okay?
Could you give a few more details. Just how much adhesive do you plan to use, what materials are useing, will you be covering the entire surface with adhesive, a very light coating, a mist almost or will you be covering it real heavy. Need to know all this before giving you a clear yes or no in my opinion.
Thinking about using 4 to 6 inch 48x24 insulation panels across the front corners and using adhesive spray to hold insulation together and to adhere speaker cloth to the panels. I want to try to NOT use frames for the panels and use impaling clips to hold in the corners. I also was thinking for bass trapping only I could paint some art such as a guitar ect.. on the face without losing much effectiveness. any thoughts?
A light coat of spray adhesive to keep the fabric in place will be fine.

Paint may make the fabric slightly more reflective of higher frequencies but I don't think that would be a problem, especially in corner placement where you're more concerned with bass trapping than first/second reflections.