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Dances with Wolves BD


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I've been waiting for this one for a long time.. one of my favorite movies, and walking along in Costco today I see this........


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Wow, nice price. I really like that movie. It's one I can watch anytime it's on.
Cool. May have to pick that up. Love the soundtrack too, it's one of the very few movie soundtracks I own on CD.
I hope it has option of theatrical version vs extended version. I didn't like DVD extended version (it took some mystery out of the movie which watered it down).
Razz next time your at Costco, pick me up a copy and bring it to the GTG and I'll pay you back when I land. Don't have a Costco card to enter. If it's too much bother, than don't worry about it.
Ok, I'm a little bored so I'll give you a summery...

I have the "THX Mastered" version before I bought this BD.

I just compared them because initially I'm not impressed with the picture quality (Maybe I just watch too many Pixar movies)

There are some very good looking scenes and some are just average.

Well it's not that dynamic of a movie and I surly wasn't going to watch both full movies tonight.... Hell, I'm not even going to be able to finish one!

I am disappointed that they didn't include the "Theatrical version"

This is the "Extended version" and it's 3 hours and 53 mins. This is one of my favorite movies but that is just too long for me. Some of the stuff so far is new too me and interesting but really not needed. Mainly just longer scenes of him walking around.

Here are some comparison for video...
The first one are from the DVD, note the color changes and even some cropping....


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2 more


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It actually looks like the bluray has better color representation but only a slight increase in the PQ
It's better looking, but only the extended version? No thanks. Movies get edited for a reason. Is the regular available on Blu?