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Does anyone like John C. Reilly? As Dr. Steve Brule.

Love some of his other stuff... I just don't get Tim and Erik or Dr. Steve Brule.
CiscoKid said:
I think Tim and Eric and Dr. Steve Brule are a characters that make smart comments on society as a whole. It's making fun of the stupid stuff that goes on around us. Contrary to what it looks like, it's very smart, witty comedy that goes largely unappreciated. There's more thought involved in watching their stuff then you'd think. It's very dark humor.

That and utterly random stupidity.....an adult swim necessity....
John C Reilly is probably the most unconventional actor/comedian in Hollywood. For the most part, I find him hilarious.
I like a lot of the roles John C Reilly has played. I've never heard of this here stuff, though. Will check it out.
I think he is hilarious, but I have a feeling that he'll win an Oscar for his performance in a drama movie. I think he's a really talented person with a great sense of humor.