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How the hell can it be that I download a whole album from iTunes, but when I go to my Music library it calls the whole album "Unknown Album"!?!?!?! I just bloody downloaded from iTunes!! Shouldn't the program know the Album name? It had the album name in the iTunes store. I'm just....at a loss.
Yep, sounds like Apple screwed that album up. Is it missing artist name and song titles, too? Or just the album name? Have you tried to manually rename it?
The song data is complete. It has the Album name in the iStore section, but not in the Music section on the Mac's Music list. Crazy.
If you haven't already done so, make a backup copy of the downloaded files so that you can reinstall in case something goes wrong.

Then you can always try to manually change the album name. It should be do-able, but sometimes the results can get a little funky and unpredictable in my experience (such as ending up with the album getting split up into multiple albums even though they all have the same album name). So maybe it's not worth the potential hassle considering things might get even worse, but just throwing it out there.
Have you tried Media Monkey to rename the metadata (tags)? I have had that happen with a few rips and was able to go back and edit the correct info, but I use dB Poweramp which isn't free. Media Monkey is free.
I decided to move the iTunes media folder out of the Windows "My Music" folder. So I copied it, moved it, told iTunes to add the new folder to the library, and then deleted the old one.

Now when I try to sync any of my Apple devices it tells me that I have to erase all of the content on my device because iTunes will only sync with a single library. It's the same freaking library, it's just in a new folder and I added the damed folder to the library. Why the FUCK are you making me erase all of the content on my device? I would't care of it wasn't so god damed slow to add 32GB wort of music and video. That and I'll have to re-arrange all of my apps to get them where I want them on the screen.
I can't wait until there are Windows tablets and portable players that can really compete with the iPod Touch and iPad.
Zune HD, slicker software, slicker interface! Leave the apps to your phone, the 16 & 32gb Zune HD's are half the size of an iPhone a 3/4 the size of the iTouch making them very friendly on the go. For video it even outputs 720p!
I got the iPod toouch as a gift a couple of years ago. With the talk about Windows Phone for the past two years I've been concerned about MS's commitment to the Zune platform. Their past actions and speculation from pundits is that MS sees Zune's future as a service. If they (or a third party) roll-out an touch interface player with the Windows Phone OS and interface than I can see myself jumping.
I am ecstatic with the Android media player capabilities. Just because I could I put about 8GB of music on my Dell Streak (I had about 14GB free on my MircoSD card). Using WMP it was effortless to synch the media files and since I often have the Streak in my hand when I am traveling, I can listen to that music while browsing the web, replying on this forum, readind Kindle books and so on all from one device. It is simple, easy, and sounds great.

I know Android isn't for everyone, but I am sold 100%.
By the way, I still carry my 120GB older Zune, and it works perfectly. It is the default music player in the car and I put it in my computer bag when I travel. I may be a legacy product, but it works perfectly and has all the features I could ever want from a media player.

I say that to point out that just because MS might be moving Zune to a service for phones and licensed for other HW makers, the existing product could still be killer for many years.
If you like Zunes interface then you may like the Win7 mobile OS. My daughter absolutely loves it and my lady has been attached to the second one since I got it. Flint, do you like the way updates still translate to older Zunes? I like how even if you have an original Zune the updates make the interface match the new models.

Maybe my favorite thing aside form it's excellent txt (Samsung Focus) is the way it integrates all media items to the Zune section. For instance, the Slacker and YouTube apps become available in the Zune section under Marquee. Photos are done in the same fashion, such as pulling photos from facebook etc into the photos section of the phone. Some might not like these features, I do. Microsoft says 200 new apps a week is the goal for the year. I'm waiting for a few key apps I use to migrate before I switch.
Since my employer provides a smart phone (a POS BlackBerry Bold) I'm not willing to pay for and hassel with carrying a "personal" phone. If I were... I'd be all over Windows Phone, specifically the Samsung Focus.
You could get an Android phone and use it as a personal entertainment and internet device without purchasing a mobile contract. I have many co-workers carrying and using the Dell Streak without activating any Broadband service at all. They just use WiFi when they can and otherwise it is a media device and offline tablet.
Having used the iPad I don't think I want something as small as the Streak. Perhaps when Google gets the tablet optimized version of Android ready, and it's on a bigger tablet than the Streak, then I'll do that.

Back to bitchin' about iTunes (and indirectly the iOS)... Why isn't the video app inside the iPod app?
I am confused. A replacement to an iPod isn't a tablet, it is a handheld device you can put in a pocket. At least that's how I see it. If you want a tablet, those are just months away from shipping with Android for tablets. There are several demos of Honeycomb based tablets being shown at CES right now and many of those will come to market soon. Google is very close to announcing Honeycomb (the tablet version of Android) to the world and there will be many manufacturers releasing tablets running it.

I was using the Streak as a single example of a replacement to an iPod, not as a competitor to the iPad.
That's the thing. I don't want a single replacement. I want a media player that I can occasionally use to surf and play games on or some basic apps. Separately, I want a tablet with a larger screen for viewing pictures and when I can spend more time on the web, but with all of the media ability of the "player". Ideally they'd both have the same interface.

IMHO the Streak is too large and expensive for what I want in a media player. And too small for what I want in a tablet. I get that I'm looking at two devices. I'm good with that. Right now I'm happy with the IPad/iPod touch combo. I just get aggravated with some of their quirks.