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European Cinema - part trois


War Never Changes
Seems that each time i start a thread like this, a number of times we end up closing shop. :D

on a serious note, i hope that we can continue where we left off at our numerous forums, and talk about movies. and yes, this particular thread will focus on the delectable european aftertaste. just like caviar and jaeger, this one requires an acquired taste, as well as an open mind.

Movies ive seen of late...

Harry Brown.

Micheal Caine stars as a veteran of the armed forces, taking back what seems to be a broken shell of the english civilization. Movies rarely show the bleak side of Great Britain, in this case similar to This is England, this movie shows how shoddy its sad face and how brutal it can be in the suburbs of Europe.

Without any spoilers, its a great film. Showing how Caine still is an amazing gentleman, and quite frankly one of the few actors who deserve more than enough respect like we give Sir Connery.


Another great movie ive stepped into, is Girl who played with Fire...

The interesting part is that ive watched this via Netflix on my newer slim Ps3.

Sidenote: Godddamn it. i didnt know i didnt need the disc anymore, and ive been watching subpar SD for a good amount of time already. It seems that the preloaded software is amazingly faster than my normal internet speed using the disc.


now a number of y'all know how im not as fond of the series, simply because of two main reasons
1. i didnt read the books
2. er... as wierd as it sounds, im not too fond of sexual content in regards to certain movies. heck i can handle it in asian cinema, but more or less it has to be 'connected' to the storyline, a needed part, something to explain much more of how or why the character is such. its a give in, it was needed here, but i guess i was a bit taken aback in the first movie.

this one was great. i loved it. i do miss the perfectly executed delivery done in the first film, but this one had more... how shall i say it - pacing for the mass market.

Hopefully we'd have more people on board to post their thoughts and recommendations here, as much as we've had in the past.
The wife and I have seen "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" but haven't seen "Played with Fire" yet. The wife has read all three books and I've read the first two...

We also watched "Let the Right One In" the other night and really enjoyed it. I think the remake "Let Me In" was just released and it's supposedly very similar to the original.
Wow. at least somebody posted a reply.... *grumbling....* ;)

on "Girl who played with Fire", you can watch this streaming via Netflix.
Yep, added it to our queue right after submitting my initial reply.

I wish I could contribute more but I don't feel like I have anything great to add. Thus far we've seen the two Swedish movies and our overall impression is that they're a bit more subdued than most US movies. Slower pacing but not too slow, no over-the-top unnecessary special effects, dialog only when dialog is needed (especially helpful when reading subtitles).
I loved Let The Right One In, even bought a copy on BD. But we had a long discussion of it over @ S&V...

Just got Girl With Dragon Tattoo in the mail today, will post impressions once I watch it.
Thanks a lot Paul. I meant to catch up on some work tonight but instead I've spent the last 30 minutes reading the S&V thread. :angry-cussingblack:

Have you read any of the "Girl" books? As I mentioned before, my wife has read all three. Lisbeth is now her hero and she constantly asks if she can have a tazer. I need to find the video of Randy getting taz'd if it still exists on the net somewhere...
CMonster said:
Have you read any of the "Girl" books? As I mentioned before, my wife has read all three. Lisbeth is now her hero and she constantly asks if she can have a tazer. I need to find the video of Randy getting taz'd if it still exists on the net somewhere...

:laughing-rolling: No, I haven't ready any of them, but I may well look them up after I see the movie. I generally like to watch a movie adaptation first, then fill in the "real" details with the book. Otherwise I'm usually just kinda disappointed with the movie.
both movies for the Girl flicks are available to stream via netflix too for those interested.

So is 'let the right one in'...
Dead Snow rules!


But seriously... on the bluray version... the crazy classical music in the opening sequence may be some of the most dynamic I have ever heard in my system. It's downright painfully loud if you don't keep an eye on the volume.

Saw the last film in the "Girl" series... The Hornet's Nest in the theater recently. Although it is far less of a "thriller" it does wrap up some of the loose ends from the first two movies nicely. Justice is served so to speak.

Not looking forward to the crappy remake of Dragon Tattoo with Daniel Craig and whoever else they got to be in the film.

I have read the first two book in the Dragon Tattoo series. Without getting into too much detail there are some character relationships and plot elements that are left out of the movies... I assume due to time constraints... but they don't ruin the story or anything. Still makes the books interesting to read... fills in some blanks here and there.

Thanks to Jomari my long lost movie partner in crime for starting up the old "foreign flick" posts again. I will do my best to make time to join in again.

Hot Monkey said:
Saw the last film in the "Girl" series... The Hornet's Nest in the theater recently. Although it is far less of a "thriller" it does wrap up some of the loose ends from the first two movies nicely. Justice is served so to speak.


So how do you make Noomi Rapace's chances of an Oscar? I just read the Time review and the reviewer seems to have missed the point of her character. I would guess it will open here in the next couple of weeks.
If she gets an award I would say IMO that it would be more in the spirit of an honorary retroactive acknowledgement of her work in the first two films. Not that the third movie is lousy or anything... it's just not the kind of performance that would merit an Oscar.

Finally got around to watching Girl with Dragon Tattoo. Yeah, not exactly a feel-good movie, but it was really really good. I look forward to reading the books now, to find out a little more about the motivations of the characters, Lisbeth in particular. I thought the biggest flaw in this movie was that it was never clear to me why she decided to help Mikael in the first place. And I want to know what her dragon tattoo is all about! (besides the obvious reference to causing fiery death...)
FYI, right now Amazon has all three Larsson books (Dragon Tattoo etc.) in a deluxe hardback set for $30... good timing for me!

watched G. Del Toros movie, Cronos, over the weekend. This was one of his first 'mainstream' movies to hit the market back in 1993.

Of course its dated, but the storyline was solid enough for me, and found it quite interesting. one thing i dig about it was, considering the era, he was already fiddling with that frame thingy, stop frame animation, and thought it was amazing.

great rental, its on netflix right now. Give it a go for an hour and a half.

Watched The Girl Who Played with Fire last night; a good continuation of the series, but again I was left with the feeling that some of the plot progressions were a little vague... Still looking forward to reading the books, after eventually seeing the third movie - looks like Amazon's shipping it on Jan 25, so hopefully it'll be netflix-able sometime around then.
Read all 3 of the Girl books and have both movies on BD and preordered the third film. Liked them alot.

And jomari - thanks for the review on Cronos. It's in my Netflix instant que but haven't watched it yet
glad you got it on your list mzpro... :)

i intend to write more reviews on here when i get the chance. its been a while since ive seen a good couple of european flicks.

i think the last one i saw was la haine.
jomari said:
G. Del Toros movie, Cronos,
I saw and liked it especially for being different which is hard to come by from Hollywood these days. Other movies portray vampires having super human strength, fly or jump over a building and ..etc but not this one. Good rental for those looking for entertainment but a buy for vampire movie fans.
glad to know y'all liked it.

again, i like the play on the fact that the movie focuses on character development, and before you know it, you wonder who the real 'protagonist' is, and if so, why.

a matter of your opinion so to speak, is left for you to decide who the 'vampire' is.

the beast who wants it, or the beast itself.