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Full Size Headphone Hanger/Stand

Discussion in 'Headphones & Amps' started by Rope, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. Rope

    Rope Well-Known Member Famous

    What do the "can" people use to temporarily store their headphones when not in use?

    Any ideas?

    Rope :music-listen:
  2. Flint

    Flint "Do you know who I am?" Superstar

    I have wall hangers for mine. In my studio I use a wall mount guitar hanger because when I am recording the headphones usually stay on our ears when the guitar needs a temporary home. In my HT I use a small wall hook, the kind they used to sell on TV which is a curved wire you stick in the wall and it holds intself in place. My AKGs have wire top bands, soI just hook one of them on the wall hook.

    I've also used dummy heads / mannequin heads and plate stands.
  3. Towen7

    Towen7 Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator

    Do you mean Monkey Hooks? These are great for hanging stuff. I keep a few on hand just in case.

  4. PaulyT

    PaulyT Behind the Curtain Staff Member Administrator Moderator Superstar

    Mine just sit on a shelf. :oops: But I have a little multi-level shelf right next to my work computer where I keep the headphones and headphone amps.
  5. Rope

    Rope Well-Known Member Famous

    I could use a wall hanger, but my display is smack dab in the way, so I'd prefer something I could set on my Can Am cabinet.

    While doing some searches and poking around on the net I found the following picture of a home made hanger. Looks interesting, and has cable management, also.


    The only draw back is the mounting screws should be fore and aft, not side by side.

  6. GreatDane

    GreatDane Well-Known Member

    I have a couple custom made (by me of course) hangers under my custom(me again) component table.

    I often use the fancy aluminum box that my T1 came with.
  7. Zing

    Zing Retired Admin Famous

    Unless you're looking to spend as little as possible, Woo makes three different models that I think are pretty sharp. One here and two others here.

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