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Grateful Dead


Well-Known Member
I have never cared for the Grateful Dead. For over 40 years there has always been someone in my life circle that thought they were the best thing since 2 ply tissue. I would listen to the occasional song but just never did it for me.

Well today I was doing a bit of last minute shopping in the WW and at the end of an aisle were some "classic" CD's for $8. I don't know what possessed me to do it but I bought a CD of "American Beauty".

Got home made a pot of coffee, put on the CD and sat down with a cup.

I like it, can't say I'm now a Dead Head but I see why people like them and this will be a CD I listen to again.
I've always been in the same boat, regarding the Dead...

Phish, on the other hand, I have some respect for. :music-listening:
Hey, glad to hear it!

Next......"Workingman's Dead"!

I use to be the same as you, but now I have just about every Dead album made. I enjoy most of them very much.

I truly believe that there is a Right Time for all music and if you happen to hit it at the "Right Time", you've found music for life. :music-rockout:

Keep us posted,

I don't hate the Dead, but just not have ever been a huge fan of them. I do get aggravated when some of my Dead head buds go on about how they have the best drummer duo in music.

guess those guys have never listened to any Allman Brothers Band or Genesis albums. :roll: