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Home Theater Paint/Furniture Make-Over

Hot Monkey

Well-Known Member
Got the rug and pad down. Need to trim the pad a little. Building bookcases tonight. And blackout curtains are tracking to arrive tonight.

Hot Monkey

Well-Known Member
Rug pad trimmed.
Bookcases built and in.
Curtains hung.
Swapped out all the outlets and light switch to match new color scheme.
Installed new ceiling light fixture.
Wire brushed door hinge hardware to remove some old paint.
Rehung doors.
Loaded in the new chairs (still waiting for back ordered ottomans).
Still need to do a little touch up painting, install a couple more curtain rod supports to account for much heavier curtains and rods bowing a little.
Still need to clean up and organize DVD' a books on new shelves juts kinda threw all my overflow on the shelves for now.
Still need to hang wall art... got the hardware I needed today will tackle that tomorrow after my run.
Still need to touch up a few paint spots.
Still need to clean up and re-terminate some sloppy (too long) subwoofer cables and install a couple right angle IEC cords.
Need to find some little wedge shaped end tables to sit between chairs for drinks, snacks, etc. Something like this...


But the room is functional again. Watched UFC and boxing matches tonight to take a break from grinding out all these updates.
Immediate impression is that room sounds much better with full length heavy blackout theater curtains and larger area rug. So already worth the effort. And the new chairs are not torture devices like the old battleship of a couch.