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Jamo S805, my first towers.


War Never Changes
Been a bookshelf guy evern since snv. got my RB61's if you recall, on my 30th birthday. i havent used it in the past decade or so.

now with kids, i cant really set up my other speakers, heck got some JBL's some mirage omni 150's and some energy C10's if i recall (i cant remember the picture i linked years ago).

i had to revert to satellites, and tuck em underneath the tv stand, barely at ear level. it worked. for a while.

i got bit.

so... looked for some towers, simply because bookshelves on stands will be a hazard for my kids.

towers, well, they're going to get rid of them completely.

kidding aside, needed something narrow too. because i have a small knack on the side. about 9 inches. totally bad.

anyways, got these for 250 a pair. a PAIR.

this guy is awesome. and he helped me make a decision, considering the vertical spatial worries i had.

unboxed, and love them. they are at waist level. good enough that my kids are able to see them, but not going to splat them.

wanted to get some other towers, but this was already at home and i thought id try em out.


i set speakers to Large. crossover at 50hz. man everything i learned from HT went down the drain since i dont remember using them anymore.

love growing old.

hair everywhere you dont need them. and showering is totally not necessary unless you get thrown up on.


War Never Changes
realized the awesome thing?

i get to watch thundering movies. and tv shows now


Despicable me

Peppa Pig
Ben and holly's magic kingdom

i just wish they were in atmos.


War Never Changes
btw, take a minute to watch the youtube video. i dont necessarily think hes a great resource, but he is at least entertaining. not dictating how things should be etc, but at least shares his views.


War Never Changes
Funny I see those same award winning shows at home
im surprised they dont have it as demo disc.

i mean, its got hot air balloons, great color reproduction, and some awesome HDR.

kidding aside, i just bought the Jamo S 808 subwoofer. yes i have a yamaha as well, the yst-fsw050, but man, i guess seeing that it was a 'limited' deal, and can fit it behind my couch.

funny, i just got a SB-12NSD almost a year ago.

and have the PB1000 sitting in a corner gathering dust, and a CSUB10 i think from boston acoustics.

but this is slim enough to fit behind sofa.

oh, the excuses.