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Logitech - Revue , google TV


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I just ordered the revue (google tv) stb. From what little time me & my son used this unit (connected to a ATT uverse stb) was pretty cool. I know its the 1st gen & more apps are to come out this year. I'm still waiting on my router (both units from Amazon). I'll have it hardwired to router along with our XBOX360.
Anyone have this STB and any inside info about the future apps or any issues ? Google seems to be on a "roll" & from an engineer I know that works for HP.
The wireless keyboard is wonderful but need to find out if a wireless mouse will work with it (has 2 USB inputs on back) because the "mouse pad" isn't all that great.
Batman and I messed with one last year that belonged to a customer, we didn't have much luck with it. Perhaps it's improved since, but we had issues with the UI and it was slow.
We noticed its slow also. But not too bad for searching the web on the 46" LCD and the apps look pretty cool. But I don't think any STB's like this can replace a PC or laptop.
Ok. Some dumb questions for you guys.

1) What is the difference between the Revue and the Roku? The lowest end Roku (720p) seems like a temptation at $60.

2) Do the Rokus also let you stream music from your PC like the Squeezeboxes?

Just curious

EDIT: I thought the Roku was made by Logitech....wrong on that one. :doh: So.......

3) The images on Logitech's sight show you plugging a compatible DVR, a TV, A/V receiver, etc. to the Revue. Does that allow DVR and/or music content to be streamed to any device connected to my network? In other words, will it be a substitute to the Sling box offered by Dish and also replace a Squeezebox as a music streamer?

4) Can DVR content also be streamed to a PC monitor via the Revue? I guess what I'm getting at is if I can't watch a sport on the TV up/downstairs, can I watch it on the PC in the back bedroom? In HD?
I pretty happy so far with the revue. Yesfan, you would love the SEC Sports ap. When school starts up & I'm home alone & don't have to share computer & everything else, I'll play around some more.
Yesfan, you can connect your program provider's (cable, dss, at&t etc) by running its hdmi cable to the revue. You can be on a web site & watch something off your STB (pic in pic). On the google search if you want to search for an actor and/or movie for example, you can look at links or when that actor and/or movie might be avalible on your program provider. I don't have pay-per-view (only use OTA) but my friend has AT&T uverse & has his STB connected to the review & he showed me some of the options.
I also got a wireless mouse from logitech (unify one) & it works great with the revue.
It has IR repeators so you can control your controller/receiver, program provider stb's, and your monitor. Still not used to all the extra keys on the wireless key pad.
According to the Wall Street Journal, returns of the Google TV platforms are currently running at a higher rate than new sales. In other words, if the sell 1,000 units a week, they are experiencing 1,200 returns in the same week.
I'm posting this on my google tv, using my google tv (mine is a v2).
So Flint, what are you trying to say ? Botch, what are you trying to say ? Yesfan, why is what Botch posted so funny ?
If you look, Sony & other manufactures are including google in their monitors.
Why the google bashing ? My friend just retired as an engineer for AMD. He stated AMD is all but gone because they have no new "ideas" & moved all their manufacturing to Germany (where they only work just a few days a week). Sitting next to my friend is an engineer for HP. He states they are going downhill if they don"t start doing "better ideas". I also have two friends that used to work for Dell (no, they aren't into sales, one was a design engineer of some kind).
Google is into alot of tech besides the web.
By the way Flint,check out sales of XBOX 360's sold & returrns for issues. My XBOX 360 has been sent back twice under warr, I've gotten back two different refurbed units. Have one in the closet that went back 3 times. Thats norm for XBOX360"s according to GameStop.
Folks want a PC on their TV's, go ahead. This Logitech Revue is not sold as a computer, but a STB that is like a "smart phone" that has alot of cool aps .
I was only stating the facts from the article I read about the Google TV products. I don't know if the service is any good, or not. I just know right now the technology press is having a heyday saying Google TV may be a failure.
I think Google TV is guilty of having been released quite sometime before being ready. I remember 2 CEDIAs ago it seemed a bit rushed just to get it operable for the show. Clearly the Revue was not up to snuff when B and I got a chance to play with it just after launch in around the October/November timeframe. It was clunky and slow and really didn't have any WOW factor at that time. I'm sure the experience has improved a lot since then as well as content and apps...
I was only making a lame joke, you'd have to sell a few first before you could get more returns than actual sales.
I actually know nothing about google TV.
Botch said:
I was only making a lame joke, you'd have to sell a few first before you could get more returns than actual sales.
I actually know nothing about google TV.

I was merely laughing at Botch's lame joke. It has nothing to do with you buying a Google TV or Google bashing in general. I have nothing against Google.
Sorry Flint, Botch & Yesfan. This revue may be too high, but so far we are enjoying it. I do understand its not a PC & has limits. Kinda like a smart phone with android. You don't have Windows media player to view video's (youtube etc) but it does have a youtube ap so you can.....just like a smart phone. This wireless keypad is nice & the wireless mouse I bought works great with it (you don't have the scroll up/down on the left) but have the cursor on the page & the "wheel" on the moves moves it up/down or you can use the arrows on the keypad.
I'll check all the aps mine has & list them here later. May take awhile.
I've had no issues with wifi. I have a refurbed Cisco E2000 from Amazon ($44.00) that I'm using. My speed tests are in the low 20"s Mbps downloads & 1.92 uploads Time Warner Cable Road Warrner.
I saw a demo of the Revue running Gingerbread (next version of Android) and it looked and performed much better. I hope that comes out soon.
Okay, here are the application on my google tv:
cnbc real-time, gallery, google chrome, napster, netflex,nba game time, pandora, twitter
Here are the aps:
spotlight, al jazeera, crackle, hbo go, megenius!, redux, tour factory, we draw,you tube, adult swim,amazoninstant video,baeble music,blip.tv, cspan, cartoon network,chow, classical tv, clicker, cnet, cnn, dailymotion,epixhd, flixster, flyinghino,grab games, huffington post, ign, KQED, lp33, mspot movies, net-a-porter-com, ny times,NHL, O'reilly, party central, pbs kids, poker fun, revision 3, SEC Dig Network (all you SEC fans will love this....wished Texas would join the SEC....alot of love there).sidereel, tbs, the karaokee channel, the onion, this week in web tv, tnt, tune in, unterview, usa today,vevo, vimeo, xos collegesports....hope I got it all. Should be more updates someday.

I haven't even begun to check each out (did spend some time on the SEC Dig ap-------again, wished Texas would join the SEC). I'm sure some aren't free

At a Logitech-hosted Investors Day event Wednesday, CEO Guerrino De Luca called the Revue a mistake that cost the company well over $100 million in operating profits. The company, he said, intends to allow the device’s current inventory levels to run out this quarter. It also has no plans to introduce another box to replace the Revue.
Geesh did a single successful googletv device make it to market. None of them seemed well thought out at all...
Just got off the phone with Tech support....its true, Logitech no longer make the Revue & is just selling their invetory. As far as firmware updates etc....the Tech could only say...they will still support the revue product.
I hate being an early adapter sometimes...... :text-imsorry: