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Looks great but...

Dude, it doesn't matter at all, it pushes out 700 watts of pure $2000-driver awesomeness! Who the hell cares what it sounds like!
Well the woodwork certainly appears to have a great deal of awesomeness. Based on the pictures that is a really nice looking piece.
Yeah, I have NO idea what that thing is worth or how it sounds, but I have to hand it to the guy, he built one helluva cabinet, that thing is beautiful! :text-bravo:
Wow! That sure is beautiful.........


I bet it sells.

Dennie :text-bravo: :text-+1:
That speaker is worth every single penny and I'd buy it if I needed it and had the money.

While obviously NOT a 33" speaker, the Focal 15" beast he used is perhaps one of the finest woofers produced for hi-fi applications.

Unfortunately, that speaker is NOT a subwoofer, it is a woofer designed for amazing performance in the 30Hz to 800Hz range. I am sure it operates as low as 20Hz, but I doubt it has significant output below 25Hz, or so. Two of those used as bass bins in a three way setup similar to mine would be unbelievable!!!

I love the cabinetry, as well. My next speakers might look something like that.
Alien said:
I like how the driver is recessed in a nice bevel edge.

Did you notice he also beveled around the ports?

Does beveled have one L or 2? Beveled or Bevelled?
Depends on if its around the driver, or the port. :teasing-tease:
That man has mad skills with wood and obviously the tools to back him up. While nice, I think there are better true subs out there at retail and for DIY.