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Meadowlark Kestrel


Well-Known Member
Has anyone heard these speakers? I know Meadowlark is out of business now, but I recall them getting high marks. A local guy is selling a pair that seem in good condition on ebay for a low price. I was thinking about making an offer. I think these were their cheapest floor standing speakers. I would be using them in a 2.0 setup in my office.


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Not familiar with them, but I know Meadowlark always got good reviews. I have never heard anything bad about them.


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A friend of mine has a pair for a while. I thought they sounded really good. I will also say I'm probably not the best tester -- too many rock concerts in my younger days.


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Along time ago, a Meadowlark salesman contacted me about a customer's custom made Meadowlarks & asked if I would like to listen to the demo for the customer. But the demo got cancelled.....customer took 'em home without demo.....that was my only chance to hear any...I read nothing but praise for them. I think Flint got to listen to some....