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More $5.99 SACDs from Newbury Comics (Amazon Marketplace)


Retired Admin
Whatever the reason, Newbury seems to be blowing out SACDs lately and I'm a sucker for $6 hybrid discs. I recently bought these two (@ $5.99) and I have to say, if I heard these before buying them, I would've cheerfully paid up to $20 each!

In addition to some outstanding use of all 5.1 channels, the Mega Movies disc in particular has some ridiculous sound effects reminiscent of the Canon shots from the 1812 Overture SACD. One track in particular is a helicopter flyover which contains the deepest, lowest frequency I've ever experienced. Honest to God, I thought my sub was going to spit out chunks of solid matter. It was that low!


Re: More $5.99 SACDs from Newbury Comics (Amazon Marketplace

I have a few of Erich Kunzel CD's (non SACD). They are very good. He does alot of movie tunes. I highly recommend!
Re: More $5.99 SACDs from Newbury Comics (Amazon Marketplace

I've got the vinyl of Kunzel's 1812, and am happy to say both my old Technics and my old-but-current Yamaha TTs could track it (Shure V15 Type V on both). :text-bravo: