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My collection keeps growing.


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Ok, I have a solution. We have a car GTG at SMgreen's place. We each pay for his gear and help him install it in our prospective rides. We all get awesome car audio at rock bottom prices, he collects a serious lump sum of cash, and he has the knowledge that this gear is both appreciated and taken care of properly.

I like that idea.


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You better bring some fat wallets. ;)

I scavinge for what I've found at the prices I've found them at. It would take some serious coin to get me to sell some of it, mostly the ADCS-1. Msrp on that was $3500.00, back in '93! And this one is nib.


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Can't help myself.

Just got a Clarion CDD655Tz cd changer and a DVS9755z DVD player. All for the low price of $23.00 shipped to my door. The changer is what I was after. Not that it was limited in production, but there aren't many out there. This was the only changer Clarion made that holds 100 titles for cds.
The DVD player is a bonus. I don't have the controler for if though and they don't make if any more. Only a handful HUs can control it, AFTER its been setup via the controller. I do, however, have one of the HUs (actually, 2 of the same) that control it. Hopefully it holds Its memory and I can use it.


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Very nice finds.

I did recently find a replacement eclipse CD 5431 for 30$ on mine the knob function stopped working. I got it in and it works great! Those old decks nothing beats them.


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At it again, for fathers day my kids and wife got me a few things. This gem off of ebay for $26 shipped. Was listed as non working/for parts.
Precision Power Inc, Sedona APA430iX.
MSRP ('95) $369.00

Cleaned it up a bit when I got it. Took off the back plate and the board looks 100%. So I gave it power, she lives!!!!! A great find on this unit. I see these selling for around $100.

Also from ebay,
LANZAR TWS tweeters BNIB! $49 shipped.
MSRP ('92) $150



Active Member

LANZAR Opti500

Clarion Audia EQX-7

This was given to me by a fellow forum member from diymobileaudio. Thanks Jason.

I have a Clarion Audia5000 on it's way, it'll hook to the EQX-7.

These were a few birthday gifts. I have more, but they haven't all arrived yet.


Active Member
Here's the latest to my collection.

Clarion 601A

I will be using that amp for my test bench for sub duty along with a Clarion 540 (15w x 4). A 15 x 4 + 100 x 1 should be pretty easy on the little power supply unit I have.

This is what showed up the same day and is for the wife's car. I'm taking back my LANZAR amps. (Opti150 and Opti160)

PPI Sedona 200IQX

Now the wife will have a PPI Sedona APA430IX to replace the Opti160 and a PPI Sedona 200IQX to replace the Opti150.

Here's the HU I won off of ebay that compliments the EQ in the post above.

Come on you Old Timers, how many here remember when CD players came out for your vehicle???? A cartridge that holds the disc.....

DC/DC power supply

AM/FM outboard tuner

The whole HU

The whole shebang.....

I have an amp that will "link" to all of this as well. It'll be the weekend before I can dig it out and hook it all up and give power to it.


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Ok so here is the test, Are you a gear aholic?

I came to understand the serious nature of my addiction when one night my wife and I were watching TV and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show came on. Dozens of the most beautiful super-models in the world wearing the sexiest, skimpiest outfits walking down the runway right into my living room in HD.

I was mesmerized by the spectacle, and without realizing that I was talking out loud, said “Wow, that’s gorgeous!” My wife, sitting on the couch next to me, shot me The Look (you married guys know what I’m talking about) and was about to nudge me in the arm when the rest of the thought came out of my mouth: “That’s the best runway stage I’ve ever seen!” She paused and then started laughing uproariously, and it was at that moment I realized I might need some help.

So I stand before you now, ready to begin the first step in my recovery program… Oh, who am I kidding? It’s time to stop testifying, accept that my condition is hopeless, and check out some ads about gear!

So Where do you Sit?


Active Member
Malsackj, that was funny, thanks.

More to the collection.

Clarion EQH5100
MSRP: $200
Paid: $10
Sadly it doesn't work, but a good piece none the less.

Clarion 5780CD/CL, I have the original version too, the 5780CD
MSRP: $395
Paid: $40

MSRP: $349
Paid: $80

My LANZAR Opti amps, the Opti50 is new to the collection, the Opti500 I got for my birthday from the wife.

From far left to right,

The 3 together will be going into my truck in a few months. Due to work, I have no time to switch things out.


Active Member
Well, after some help from a phellow PG phorum member who acted as the middle man for me on a deal over at CACO, I was able to get a few more pieces to add to my Clarion collection. All of this for the LOW, LOW price of $30 shipped to my door.

Clarion ARX9270 cassette deck

Tape plays fine.

Clarion CDC625 CD changer

And it plays just fine.

Clarion EQH5100, hide away DSP unit

And it works just fine as you can see by the EQ[__U] displayed above the .90 in the tuning freq.

Clarion DRX9375R CD player, The power button is broke (I can find a cheap face to scavenge for parts later), but works 100% otherwise.

I already have a 9375, so this one would be for parts if need be. I would've been happy to pay the $30 for the ARX9270 alone, but the bonus of the EQH, the CD changer and the 9375 is a steal of a deal.

I found a ma/pa dealer from yesteryear that has some OS NIB Clarion HUs from '83-89 and a NIB Audia FNX40 amp I just MIGHT have to grab with the Xmas money I'll get for my collection.


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A bit of LANZAR I scored and due to a screw up by the seller, I got a SVC sub instead of the DVC I was to get. The guy that got my DVC contacted me, funny that he lives a few hours a way and turned me onto the guy that has some mid '90s LANZAR things new-in-box and sells cheap. Will hopefully help me finish what I want to change my install to and add to my collection.

So here's what I got from ebay just last week.



My new front stage.



Behind the Curtain
Staff member

It's been said before, but it seems you have a bit of a problem. :teasing-neener: Oh well, at least your collectibles aren't terribly expensive (now)... You must have a whole room full of these components?


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Staff member
smgreen20 said:
I was able to get a few more pieces to add to my Clarion collection. All of this for the LOW, LOW price of $30 shipped to my door.

Did it occur to you that used 1980's car stereo equipment is so cheap because nobody else really wants it? :angelic-green:


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Ouch Towen, I thought we were all friends. ;)

The LANZAR speakers sell as soon as they're listed from that era.

As for Clarion, I was watching that FS posting for a few weeks and his price kept getting lower. I jumped at the $30 price point before anyone else could. Like many others that collect things, you tend to get extras of just about everything. The Clarion units we're not on the greatest condition and missing parts. I have 90% of the missing parts and I was/am able to fix what's wrong with them.


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I've been lurking a bit here and there, but here's a small update as to what I've managed to aquire in the last few months.

Clarion first.
AVN1100 (2 sets, 1 100% complete, the other complete minus the dics')


CAL1000 Cell phone/AM/FM/CD changer controller, only missing the 1 button.


Now for the LANZAR items

X3, a gift to myself

Opti100Q, mint, a Vday gift from the wife

Rockford Fosgate

4-way crossover, this was bought with a "what the hell, why not?" mentality for $.99 plus S&H.

That's it for now. Have to make a layaway payment for my other LANZAR items, so the spending will halt for a bit.