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My Harmony One is crapping out

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by Botch, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. Botch

    Botch I.Y.A.A.Y.A.S! Superstar

    Darn it. The Pause button on my 7-year-old Harmony One doesn't work anymore (just wait until your bladder is this old, you'll see).
    Logitech doesn't make the One anymore, but a couple new ones are still available on Amazon for about $100. The newer Harmony Ultimate One has come down in price (from $250 to $150, what I paid for my unit) but is a different layout; I've used my current unit long enough that I don't need to even look at it to hit the Play, Pause, FF, RW, Skip, Mute, Volume, Channel, heck every button above the bottom keypad! Would hate to have to retrain that muscle memory.
    I also see the Harmony 650 (which is older) is still available for only $25, and it's layout is pretty close to the One. I see there's a thread on it here, will have to do some research.
    In the meantime, does anyone have the Ultimate? It features a lot of Home Automation abilities that I have no use for, and again the layout is quite different from the One. Thanks in advance.
  2. mzpro5

    mzpro5 Well-Known Member Famous

    Ohh I don't like to hear this Botch. I have two Harmony One's, one for HT and one for the living room. not sure how old they are.

    I also know the buttons sight unseen.

    I'll be interested to see what others chime in on the Ultimate.
  3. PaulyT

    PaulyT Behind the Curtain Staff Member Administrator Moderator Superstar

    I have a 650 that, IIRC, I got used on eBay at least 5 years ago. Still works fine.
  4. Botch

    Botch I.Y.A.A.Y.A.S! Superstar

    I watched a DVR-recorded Daily Show, and the Pause worked just fine, so it's not the remote. And an hour later, its working fine on live TV (via a Dish Hopper). So, the DVR must've had a tummyache or something, it seems to be working fine now.
    I looked at the Ultimate One more closely, and damn that thing is laid out terribly; the comments on Amazoid seem to confirm that. Now I'm wondering if I should grab one of the leftover Harmony Ones, and squirrel it away if/when my current One does indeed die.
    I'm supposing the code database available for the One is still good, but for how long? :wink:
  5. Haywood

    Haywood Well-Known Member

    I have the Ultimate One and it is excellent. The Hub design is really nice, because you can add additional emitters if your gear is split up and line of sight is not an issue. You can also control it from an app on your phone if you cannot find the remote. It took some doing, but I was even able to get my Harmony Hub to successfully control two systems with a Companion remote dedicated to the Kitchen system and the main remote capable of controlling either. The Alexa integration is also cool, because I can fire the system up or shut it down with voice commands.
  6. Botch

    Botch I.Y.A.A.Y.A.S! Superstar

    Scott, the Play/Pause/Stop buttons looked totally hard to reach. Not the case? (I appreciate the input!)
  7. Haywood

    Haywood Well-Known Member

    The transport keys are slightly awkward, but you get used to it. I don't even think about it anymore. There are other Harmony remotes that work with the Hub, but they are all more expensive. The Ultimate One offers the best overall bang for the buck. The most annoying thing about the setup is that the Hub does need the occasional reboot. On the plus side, it is not limited to IR and can control some things via network or Bluetooth connections. It also integrates with some home automation systems (i.e. SmartThings), so you can control stuff like lights from the remote and include them in your macros. The Ultimate One does not have dedicated buttons for it, but you can still put lighting control in your activities.
  8. Botch

    Botch I.Y.A.A.Y.A.S! Superstar

    OK, I'm starting to get pissed now. I've been watching PBS for the past 90 minutes or so and the standard controls aren't working again.

    This morning I hit the "Yellow" button, thinking it would do something but it didn't; just now I hit the first color (Red) and it seems to be working okay again. Between that, and Dish's revamping of their whole system a couple weeks ago, the problem(s) may be identified and eventually eliminated.
    When you spend more time learning a new system/OS than the new version actually saves you, what's the damn point?? (it sucks being stupid) :oops:

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