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Nagging Squeezebox problem


Well-Known Member
This seems to have just happened recently and I don't know how to rectify it. I will start with a picture

Under My Music (yeah its boring but that is what I called it) I have a folder called Artists and a folder called Music Folder as I assume all of you do? Right? My problem is that the two do not seem to be reconciled? Here is what I mean. Under Artists I have one folder labeled Tom Petty and one labeled Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Neither which of these have Damn the Torpedoes which I bought an dled the .flac files about a week ago. HOWEVER, when I go to the folder called "Music Folder" there is only the Tom Petty folder under which there are the correct 5 Tom Petty albums. Obviously Music Folder is an exact snap shot of my drive and what is on it.
What did I muck up or how do I get the Artists to jibe with what is in the music folder? I have scanned , rescanned, til the cows come home. If you guys can't help me I will be forced to go to the Squeezebox forums and post as a newbie, even though I have had these damn things for the better part of 3 years!! :oops:
Any ideas??
My guess is that the artist tags in the torpedoes .flac files are not set properly. I think the "Music Folder" shows directories on your disk; whereas the "Artists" or "Albums" menus are based on the tags, independent of where the file actually is on your filesystem. I would try using some application (like MediaMonkey which is free) to view and edit the artist tags in those files, then rescan - you may need to do the full "delete database and rescan everything" option, I'm not sure.
I agree. Sounds like a simple tag issue. I had a few tracks that were named properly when viewing the folder in Windows Explorer, but the metadata (tags) still showed the info as "track #" "unknown artist" etc when I would right click and select properties for a particular audio file. Simple editing with Media Monkey or similar should fix your problem.
I never thought about tags but that makes good sense. I will try Media Monkey and see if I can straighten things out!!