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New Anthem AV receivers...

Hot Monkey

Well-Known Member
Had a (albiet brief) chance to check these out recently and they were really nice. The ARC room correction software seemed much more effective then some of the Audyssey stuff I have sampled in similarly priced models. More in line with the higher end outboard Audyssey EQ units. If I were in the market for an AV receiver in the $1500 MSRP range this would be the first I would audition. And as far as I could tell they don't give up much to their higher end processor sister models in terms of system configuration options, bass management options, ARC, etc.


I presume you're referring to this model. ( $1,500 )

[ The model series includes the MRX300, 500, 700, & 900 ]

This is a very complete, classy, and capable receiver.
Now that you've brought it to attention, if I were to purchase one in that very competitive price range I would probably lean this direction too . . . in spite of my long-standing respect for Denon. I'm sure it will turn a lot of heads.

Very, very nice. I'm impressed with what I read, and Anthem's solid reputation. ~ Thanks, Monkey.
I believe I was looking at an MRX500 and MRX700 ($1500 & $2000 MSRP). The lower priced ($1000?) and mega flagship ($4000?) models are coming soon I guess. I could not find much difference between the 500 & 700 models other then a few watts per channel... but the feature list seemed almost identical.