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New turntable


Well-Known Member
After days of research and reading/watching many reviews I ordered a new turntable. The choice of brand/model was one I never saw myself making. I chose the Sony PSHX500.

My list of wants/needs;
Built in quality pre amp if possible.
$500.00 or under.
Comes with a solid performing cartridge.
Sound quality of course.
This table is also capable of recording via USB 4 types of high res audio, for what that's worth. This is of little to no interest to me.

The Sony shockingly hit all these marks. In a head to head listening test between the Project Carbon, and the Rega P1 the Sony came in 2nd, closely behind the P1. Acording to several respected reviewers it wasn't even close between it and the Project Carbon. The Sony was much much better. This theme was repeated the more I read.
I was willing to give up the slight edge in sound quality that the Rega had because the Sony hit all my Mark's.

This table must have a well designed pre amp in it because one tester tried several respected out board pre amps. In the end he always gave the nod to the internal pre amp.
Price $479.99 on Amazon.


"Do you know who I am?"

We often disregard the mass market big boys unfairly. You did it right with solid research.



"Do you know who I am?"
Looks great! I bet it works well.

But I have news for you about those "isolation" spikes - they are not isolating at all. They are exactly the opposite of isolating in that they are focusing the connection on the spike tip. Why people in this hobby ever allowed the word "isolation" to be applied to spikes is a mystery to me. That said, spikes increase the mechanical bond and focus all the energy at those points and thus reduce random vibrations and some resonances (while enhancing the core material resonance), which can be good compared to doing nothing at all.

Proper isolation is something pliable like rubber, silicon, or my favorite, sorbothane.


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Ok here where I must admit the spikes where a cheap way to help me with my OCD(?). It was making me nuts that there was such big difference in height between components. I wasnt really concerned that much about the isolation end of things since I never noticed a problem.
With that said thanks for the info.


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I use a partially inflated small inner tube inside the isolation platform for my turntable. I got the inner tube a Harbor Freight; its something like 10" in diameter.