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On my way to see Flogging Molly


Active Member
After a long wait, it's finally over. I get to go see Flogging Molly tomorrow (well, tonight for most that will read this as I'm posting this kind of late the night before) and I'm the DD. Irish rock and I don't drink.... go figure. At least I will be able to remember things afterwards. I hope to have a few pics to share.

Got to meet them in person at a signing last year at this time, but now I get to see them. I purchased the "skip the line" feature to get up front. Yea. I wont be able to post much, or a whole lot, until Sunday. After the show it's off to bed, up for work, then drive 2 1/2 hrs to Ohio Friday and wont be back until Saturday night sometime. I'll try and post something via my phone.
After a bad start and a 1 hr delay to leaving, here's what I got to show for it....




Their song "Float". Sorry for the crappy audio

And for the final capper to the night, Drummer George Schwindt came out onto the floor after the show and took a pic w/me.

George did what I haven't seen ANY other drummer do at a show, he took of the drum head, signed it and then threw it into the crowd at the end of the set. Other band members grabbed the set list, signed them and gave them to the crowd. Was a very interactive show. Will def. go back next year.