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Phil's 2018 Theater changes


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You can thank bmwuk for reminding me- I kept forgetting to post pics of the new system.

Anyway, a little background for the room- when we moved in, the previous owner had finished off most of the basement with a theater room. Thing is, though, the "genius" just put a bunch of drywalled cubbyholes in one of the long walls. One was sized for a 27" TV. Maybe this made sense in the late 90s. When we bought the house in 2007, it didn't. Instead of tearing them out, I repurposed them. I put shelves in the big hole and mounted the electronics stack there, then ran a single HDMI cable around to the TV, with speaker wires being run behind the walls.

The original setup was a 57" Mitsubishi DLP TV, Denon AVR-3808 driving everything, with Paradigm speakers all around (originally Mini Monitor v3 and a CC-370 center up front with Titan v3s doing the surround and a PDR-10 sub). A few years back I swapped out the sub for the Paradigm DSP-3400 that's there now.

I began the work this year by upgrading the receiver to a Marantz SR6010 receiver, expecting to later upgrade to a 4K TV. I did that as well, with a 65" Samsung Q8f QLED display on a wall mount. I also swapped my Xbox One (original) with a Xbox One X to get 4K resolutions. Then, for Christmas, it was speaker time. I bought Paradigm Monitor SE 6000F towers for front L/R, a 2000C center channel, and Atom surrounds. I also added some in-ceiling CI Home H65-R speakers above the main seating position for height affects with Dolby Atmos (had to run new wires up there, but it was easy enough... install of those was a real piece of cake, so kudos to Paradigm for that).

I am pleased with the final result. The towers give a more full range front soundstage and the height speakers can be quite immersive with the right material... I must say, I am a fan of the Atmos codec. If I do more this year, I might look to clean up wiring a bit and maybe even give some attention to the acoustics of the room.

Pics are attached (yay, we can attach pics now!). You can see the front of the room with the display and front speakers, the electronics stack, the in ceiling speakers, and the seating area with the surrounds and in-ceilings.



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Looking good..........

Some acoustical treatments will pay off in spades!!

Looking forward to seeing this room progress!