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Watched this with the neighbors last night on bluray. What a fun movie! Gratutious violence, graphic nudity and quite a few recognizable people. Kelly Brook is smoking hot in this. I wish I had the 3d adapter, because this movie is suppose to be over the top in the 3d imagery. Worthy of a rental, and maybe even one to own.
Has nobody seen this movie? I thought it was actually pretty good.
I have not seen it, but I plan to based on many positive reviews...
Dunno, I'm a little scared to see what "graphic nudity" is all about...
PaulyT said:
Dunno, I'm a little scared to see what "graphic nudity" is all about...

That means, if you buy the 3d version, you will see a severed penis floating by your face! :happy-smileygiantred: Seriously though, this isn't a movie to watch with the kids. The scene with Kelly Brook and the blond girl swimming naked in the water is worth the price of admission.
Any movie that has a severed penor and my GF is hooting and hollering, which makes me very nervous. You should have seen her laughing all through "Hard Candy". But yeah alot of T&A in this one.
We watched Piranha circa 1978 and Mega Piranha circa 2010 last night and laughed our asses of at most of it! Both on DVD.

Piranha had a better plot then Mega.
I don't think Mega Piranha and the Piranha that we are talking about here are the same movie.
Actually Huey the movie you are talking about is a remake of the '78' classic. Or better yet a combo of the original and its 3D sequel.
That's why I like to see images when someone calls attention to something. Much less confusing. Recently, someone suggested Splinter was surpringly good. I was left wondering which one:

Huey, is this the movie you watched?

That would have been me and just and fyi, these two are the same movie, and it kicked ass.


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Finally watched it today, I agree with Huey, as long as you dont take it seriously its big fun. And Elizabeth Shue is still smokin hot!