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PSN / XBOX gamertags


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Ok, after reading the Facebook thread, Akula mentioned people having different screen names on different sites was a bit confusing on keeping everyone straight.
I have quite a few folks here & from S&V on my Xbox friends list, but can only remember who a few folks are.

Maybe we could have a STICKY with gamertags?
It would be great if anyone that would like to would post their gamertag info in this thread.

Please feel free to add me, I mostly play FPS online with a real good group of guys from all over the country. We are all over 25 and have had GTG's like we do here, pretty cool stuff.
I also like Madden/NHL, guitar hero and racing games, but often find myself getting my ass kicked way too often when battling a human opponent to truly enjoy the online aspect of those games.

I currently only game online on my Xbox 360 2 or 3 nights a week.
Really trying to rank up on COD Black Ops currently, at a 4th prestige working on 5....

Xbox Live Gamertag = Doghart.

I have you in my friends list. :eek:bscene-drinkingcheers:

360 gamertag: z31fanatic

PS3 gamertag: Zcarfan
found this thread that was started ages ago,

you can put your psn id's here if you'd like, or shoot pms in the wind if ever.