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Receiver / Speaker Combo

Discussion in 'General Audio Discussions' started by JeffMackwood, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. JeffMackwood

    JeffMackwood Maxi-Me

    While out visiting my son he asked for advice regarding getting started with an audio / HT system.

    His needs, as I saw them, are relatively modest - as is his budget. He has a not-ideal room layout but, for now, room for his existing big stand-mounted flat panel, a receiver and a pair of floor-stranding speakers.

    Needed to keep in mind: he lives in a remote community with no bricks and mortar stores worth considering. Anything he buys will be online and unless free shipping is included, it will be prohibitively expensive.

    We found a pretty good mid-level refurbished Pioneer receiver (VSX-831) on Amazon.ca for $350C delivered. All of his connections will be via HDMI, Bluetooth, and wireless. It's a still-current model with a Canadian list price of $600C. Not a bad deal.

    Next up, after lots of soul searching (it would be WAY too expensive to ship him a pair of spare Koss CM/1030 speakers that I have at home) I recommended the SVS "Prime Tower" on sale at $1400C for the pair. I was pleased to see that SVS products are now available through online retailer Electrics For Less Canada, a sister company to Sonic Boom Audio, which has the exclusive right to distribute SVS in Canada. I used Sonic Boom for my PB13 Ultra, and to get parts to repair an SVS tube sub, and they were nothing but great. But with EFLC shipping is now included - again a big deal in my son's case.

    So I think he now has a solid "core" 2.0 set-up to start with. It will be a huge step up from the computer speakers he's been using for music, and the flat panel's built in speakers for movies. The SVS speakers have great low frequency extension (according to their specs) so he can probably avoid adding a sub and expanding to a 2.1 system - for now. And later on if he wants to go surround, SVS has matching products that will suit his budget.

    When everything is delivered and set up I'll get him to send me a pic that I can post.



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  2. Dentman

    Dentman Well-Known Member

    That sounds like a very solid foundation to build from. Not sure if you saw it or not but I was I need of cheap temporary speakers to hold me over for a few months.
    I went with the scratch and dent SVS Prime satellite speakers for $109.00 each. I'm holding back my review because they are in a far from ideal situation at the moment. With that said I can tell you they would perform well as future surrounds for him.

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