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Siruius/XM Customer Service


Hey guys,

I received a pretty good deal in the mail from SiriusXM to re-subscribe to their service (4 mos. for $20). I'm tossing around the idea of doing it just because the price is right and the service itself was good when I had it.
However, the couple dealings my wife and I had with them were terrible. I'm pretty much on the mindset that when the 4 mos is almost up I'm just going to pull the plug again as I refuse to pay near the $10/mo. range for radio. But, if it's a complete headache to cancel (like it was last time) then I don't think I'm going to bother.

Anybody have some interactions with their CS people? Any improvement or is it the same old song and dance?

I'd say the CS is pretty low grade, but I did the 5 month for $20 and will cancel until they send me the offer again.
When I first got Sirius (maybe up to 4 years ago??), I thought their customer service was pretty good. Then a couple of years ago I called and it was somewhat difficult and it almost sounded as though the customer service had been outsourced. But just last month I called again and spoke to a very nice lady and I don't think she was outsourced, either. (I wanted to cancel my upgraded Internet subscription, and that wasn't too difficult; though, I was offered a month free to keep it, but she didn't give me a hard time cancelling it, perhaps because I was pretty clear in that I just NEVER used?)

The real test of how easy it is to work with their customer service, though, will be if I decide to cancel the main subscription in my pickup. I really like having it, but I'm beginning to feel like I don't drive it enough to warrant spending the money in this day and age.