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The Cape


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Anyone going to check out the pilot? Seems like a Batman ripoff, but may be closest I'll ever see to a live action batman television series...I'll be checking it out, I hope it's good. I'll try to find a link...
Haywood said:
I'll check out anything with Summer Glau in it.
Jeez, what happened to her? :eek:

Wow! It looks like she lost a ton of weight. I prefer the rounder Summer Glau. Geez, hasn't Christina Hendricks taught those girls in Hollywood anything?
As with most TV superhero shows it seems kinda hokey but I will check it out.

As for Summer she is just growing up. Turns 30 this year was only 21 when Firefly came out.

jamhead said:
Can you say.....eating disorder?

She was a ballerina for a large part of her life, maybe she is just getting her dancing figure back. She was pretty thin when starring in Firefly

I might check it out. I thought Summer Glau was the chick from Firefly/Serenity. She still looks hot to me, but agree she looks better with a bit more weight on her.
5-minute reminder if you are planning on watching!! I hope it's a good series I can latch onto until Dexter 5 comes out on BD...
I haven't started yet because I want to watch commercial free...No spoilers please at least for tonight. :teasing-tease:
Light Spoiler

The show was okay, yes the cgi was pretty weak, but if the show catches on I suspect that could improve as the production budgets will increase. I'm still calling Batman ripoff. Too many parallels esp character wise:

Portman= the Commissioner

And the cinematography mimics the latest bat-flicks. That said it was still fun, and I'll give it a few views to reel me in or turn me off completely...