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The cowboy rides again, Red Dead Redemption 2

Discussion in 'Games' started by jomari, Oct 25, 2018.

  1. jomari

    jomari War Never Changes Famous

    one of the best gaming experiences ive had in my life was red dead redemption. goes to show that dedication to a great storyline, a solid set of characters, and thegreat team behind rockstar produces quality.

    i look forward to going back to the west again tomorrow.
  2. PaulyT

    PaulyT Behind the Curtain Staff Member Administrator Moderator Superstar

    Still not clear if/when there will be a PC release...
  3. jomari

    jomari War Never Changes Famous

    its not confirmed yet, but there are rumors this is coming out on pc. its way too pretty not to be.

    too bad if i only had a week or two more, i wouldve looked forward to this game so much more.

    im still sucked in to AC:Odyssey, and that says a LOT about that game. im level 40 grinding it up, but not even a quarter in the story.
  4. AndySTL

    AndySTL Well-Known Member

    It is pre-ordered and downloaded ready to go on my PS4...11pm CST tonight I begin!
  5. jomari

    jomari War Never Changes Famous

    i cant wait.

    ive already told the wife i will be going away for a while.

    the last time RDR came out, i wasnt married yet, this time around i have a new kid and a wife.

    priorities. priorities.
    Akula and AndySTL like this.
  6. jomari

    jomari War Never Changes Famous

    after 3 hours and a half, i jumped back into the ol west.

    found myself reminiscent of what was back then and how it felt now.

    i couldnt describe what i was feeling.

    it was a tired, exhausted feeling in the beginning, despair and well, it felt desparate.

    the screen loads up, there is no spinning loading wheel, instead, something more personal.

    small touches, here and there makes rockstar who they are, minute details you tend to overlook, but in better light you appreciate it.

    im flabbergasted by this game.

    a bit of a learning curve with deadshot, but i will get used to it.

    this is a game you have to take time in.

    ironically, i want to finish this game as quick as i can so i can enjoy it the second time around.

    but i fell in low with RDR's pacing back then, and took my time, enjoyed it.

    AC:eek:dyssey is a perfect pairing to this game. i ranked up quick in that one, parrying, dodging enemies, trying to get the best loot the best of everything immediately. instant gratification needed, or else i will deconstruct it for raw scraps.

    this one, is going to be a long term game. a game i will enjoy.

    if i was a youngun i'd be playing this all night. but i also have to watch over the little one, and do chores too.

    im glad my wife gives me time to play at night.
  7. AndySTL

    AndySTL Well-Known Member

    I played about 90 mins last night. Got to the point where I killed 2 deer and brought them back to the camp. It's pretty great so far. My only complaint is that the character moves painfully slow at times. I know it's to make the game feel more realistic, but at times I just wish he'd walk faster! Should be a great game and I think this one will take a long time to complete.
  8. jomari

    jomari War Never Changes Famous

    its so complicated to be honest. a LOT of variables that theyve added and considered, but also makes it either good or bad for the game.

    without giving it away, clothing makes an impact on the game.

    so later on, that blue jacket you've been wearing, cant be used in the heat, and vice versa. is it a good touch? sure it is, but some details are great, some just overcomplicates it.

    i played it last night after i tried to sleep. 3am.

    i got wanted accidentally.

    qiock tip, before you hit up a mission, try to save ahead of time. for some reason, i dont see the auto save feature. im going to look it up because i accidentally activated it.

    another tip,

    the white missions are time sensitive/based on your main quest successions. use and do them first.

    the yellow ones are your main games progression.

    im still trying to figure out stuff Andy, hit me up if you need help on stuff.
  9. AndySTL

    AndySTL Well-Known Member

    How much longer after the deer hunt to I get to exit this snowy area tutorial?
  10. jomari

    jomari War Never Changes Famous

    hmm... it took me 3 hours to get through the 'prologue'

    you are almost done. you just have to do two missions i believe.

    i never knew snow this harsh, so a virtual one like this one made me cringe.
  11. AndySTL

    AndySTL Well-Known Member

    @jomari I have a question....How do I select and activate my missions/quests? I see the log, but I don't see how I set which one to my current active mission. I am used to seeing what my objectives are, but I feel like in this game I have to keep my eye on the upper left corner to see what I need to do, and it isn't always showing. Is there a way to see this detail?
  12. jomari

    jomari War Never Changes Famous

    to see your current mission, hit the down button. dont hold, just tap on it. otherwise, you dont have any main story active missions you can do what you want. the ones on the log only show goals for me, like the dinosaur thing, or the cigar pipe. i dont have side missions that need further movement so to speak.
  13. jomari

    jomari War Never Changes Famous

    i had to redo the game and do the gold glitch. painful to go thru the first chapter again.
  14. Huey

    Huey Well-Known Member Famous

    Sorry Pauly, I saw this and had to share.
    jomari and PaulyT like this.
  15. PaulyT

    PaulyT Behind the Curtain Staff Member Administrator Moderator Superstar

    Yeah that's me alright!

    Huey likes this.
  16. jomari

    jomari War Never Changes Famous

  17. bmwuk

    bmwuk Well-Known Member

    Ha ha. I prefer staying married. So I am not getting a gaming console
  18. Doghart

    Doghart Well-Known Member

    Do not spend the evening at the pig farm!!! LOL

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