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The Road


Well-Known Member
Good movie, a nice different take on the end of the world. Actually thought it was quite sad at times and it was just a tad too long but otherwise a fine film.

Oh and the set pieces are REALLY well done.
Saw it after hearing the reviewer mention it during The Book of Eli review. Not impressed, little too long. I liked The Book of Eli better.
Havent seen ELI yet. ;)

I thought the realism of this film was good as well as the overall story.
walls said:
I thought the realism of this film was good
Sure but it felt like I was watching a documentary than a movie. The Book of Eli is much more of a movie (entertainment) than this.
this movie felt postapocalyptic done by oprah.

for some reason, i agree that it was definitely too long, and somehow, took a lot from the movie. as mentioned here, its heartbreaking when you watch this and have kids.

albeit a great ending, you know its for the greater good.

i kinda wonder how it really would be like when something like this happens. *knock on wood*.

altho one thing i greatly applaud in this movie was (no, not charlize theron :D, but robert duvalls role), exceptionally great performance. you can tell hes a veteran actor and it shows.
I will have to see this now that i know Robert Duval is in it. Ive never seen him give a bad performance and usually the movie is very good that he is in. Usually he steels the show.
DIYer said:
Robert Duval is not the main character though.

yup, just to avoid confusion, he plays a smaller role in this movie. you wont notice it, until later on.