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They raised Zappa from the dead and they're sending him on tour to pay for it


"Do you know who I am?"
Apparently, Zappa fans are pissed about this and are lashing out.

Check out what Adrian Belew felt he needed to post on Facebook:


I think of Frank Zappa as my mentor. I realize I can never repay him for the opportunities he gave me. to be honest I played a very minor role in the Zappa universe and have always felt I get more credit than I deserve.

still, I jump at any chance I can to praise and honor Frank. so when one of his sons calls me to explain a possible concert series 18 months in the future, I am willing to listen.

in our brief conversation Ahmet explained the holographic concept and asked if it was something I might consider being part of. it didn't occur to me that Frank's fans might find it distasteful. admittedly I didn't think that part through.

I told Ahmet if I felt strongly it would be a great way to celebrate Frank's music, yes, I would consider being part of it. he asked permission to use my name in the announcement and I gave him permission.

Some the responses to this post are horrible and insanely angry at Adrian.


"Do you know who I am?"
Seems they are going forward with the Zappa hologram as reported in this story about the Ronnie James Dio hologram going on tour:


This raises the question - are we paying for a group of artists to bring a dead star back to life to perform music they've performed before? Or, are we paying to watch a live band play to a recording of a dead musician? I find it strange, but intriguing.


The recent Blade Runner sequel suggested it would be common with their holograms of Elvis and Sinatra and others entertaining us in the future.


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They did the same for Ronnie James Dio last year. Many people complained but there was enough people that wanted it so it happened.
I find it very strange.


"Do you know who I am?"
They released a promotional video for the Frank Zappa hologram tour, and while it may turn out to be an amazing show (especially given the band they assembled), I completely lost count of the number of times Ahmet Zappa used the words "Me" and "I".

I will try to catch the show.