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This is going to suck bad!

I bet you Demi told Ashy(her name not mine) that he needed to find a full time job!

Speaking of Demi, if you want to see a good example of 70's bush, do a google picture search of Demi's bush. Holy Snikes! :scared-eek:
Maybe they'll punk somebody during every show. I've seen bits and pieces of this show, Sheen was a suave ladies man, cootchie is goofy sob. I don't see the fit
I think it's a bad idea. While I love Kutcher on That 70's Show, he gets on my nerves at times.

I guess with Kutcher on board, they'll call it something like "Dude, Where's That Two & A Half 70s Car" or something.
I give the show five episodes before it's replaced with reruns of some other show.
I sent an email to CBS telling them how much it sucked(maybe not in those exact terms), don't expect it to do any good, but at least I let my thoughts be known.

I'm was hoping that they would bring Sheen back. His personal life maybe out of control, but he made that show what it is. If wants to do crack and sleep with hookers, who am I to judge. From my understanding, he still showed up for work, and was hilarious.
MatthewB said:
I give the show five episodes before it's replaced with reruns of some other show.

5 huh.....Do you think it will have less episodes than ABC's Cavemen? I think that show had 6-7 episodes before it was (thank God) yanked.
I'd rather watch "Cavemen" before 2-1/2 Men. Shoot, "Two and a Half Men" was past its prime with Sheen. Now it's jumped the shark. Those Geico commercials, on the other hand? Pure genius.

Oh... and Kutcher gets on my nerves, too. (Should've gotten Ron White, instead.)
Insiders predict the show will last two more seasons with a new core cast member. That is the tradition for massively successful shows forced to replace one critical character.
It really all depends on the writing. I'll take a cautiously optimistic outlook on it.

I didn't like this show too much at first, but it grew on me over time. For some reason I only catch the syndicated episodes anyway, so if the Kutcher era episodes suck, I'll likely never see them.
My folks watch it so I've seen bits of it over there.....I don't get the allure. It's another predictable, forced timing sitcom with average writing. Sheen and Cryer were perfect for the roles, but it did nothing for me.