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Uverse anyone have it and do u like it?

Discussion in 'Television Providers' started by Srvy, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. Srvy

    Srvy Well-Known Member

    I am seriously considering a bundle package for uverse TV , Phone and internet. Ive been with time warner for a long time and they have raised my rate and wont give me a break but new customers hardly pay half what i do. Same with ATT my landline went up along with dsl. I can save a bundle with a bundle with no contract. What bundle you like with Uverse. My #1 thing i want is HD channels espn, nfl network. Just wondering im sure ill do i just dont want if its a POS.
  2. Yesfan70

    Yesfan70 I'm famous now bitches! vvvvv Famous

    I don't have it in my neighborhood, but it's supposed to be available sooner or later (probably tens years with my luck :roll: )

    I'm happy with Dish. I've had them for 6 years, but don't like the fact that TV2 in theri dual boxes are SD only (no HDMi/component outputs). At the very least, I would love a single box with at least 3 tuners (OTA not included), all HD, and DVR capability with a 1-2TB drive in it. I don't know if Uverse gives you that or not, but I've been curious about it.

    I would love to hear comments from those who have had both setups.
  3. Srvy

    Srvy Well-Known Member

    I did Direct TV in its infancy and i know its gotten better but i just couldn't handle the blackouts during storms and solar flares. I do know the best package out there is offered by Dish Network and ill got that route if i must. I just like the idea of the package bundle i,m old school and cant give up my land line and voip still has me wary whether the ooma will survive. Ive herd the boxes have hdmi i don't think the dvr is that large though good questions though. I know from the other forum some members switched to uverse but that thread kinda died and never herd more on opinions.Ive always seemed to be a bit of a thread killer anyway.
  4. Towen7

    Towen7 Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator

    Before I comment I want to make it clear that I am an AT&T employee but I am speaking only for myself. I am not claiming to represent AT&T.

    I've had Uverse for more than tw years. I love it.

    I can't decide if my favorite feature is the PIP channel scrolling or the whole house DVR functionality. Be aware that the setup requires different wiring than cable or SAT service. A single DVR and all of the STBs need to be wired to the RG (residential gateway=4 port wireless router). Existing coax cables may be able to be used if there are no splitters.
  5. Towen7

    Towen7 Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator

    The Uverse system is IP based so they don't use tuners per se. Depending on several factors the DVR can support upto 4 total streams, no more than 3 of those streams can be HD. There are no antenna connections so OTA is not an option. The drive is about 200GB which (considering compression) is room enough for about 75 hours of HD content.
  6. Yesfan70

    Yesfan70 I'm famous now bitches! vvvvv Famous

    That must be a lot of compression if they are able to store 75hrs of HD content on a 200GB drive. The new Slingbox receivers from Dish tout 100hrs of HD and use 1TB drives (according to tech support). My 722 boxes give me about 55hrs of HD content, so I'm guess I have about 500GB or little more in mine.

    I forgot about Uverse being IP based. That's pretty cool as (assuming) you could also stream internet based video, webisodes, etc. you mention no OTA, but is there a way the Uverse box can record OTA on their hard drives? The Dish boxes can. it does me no good since I'm too far out, but I like knowing I have that option should broadcasters improve their transmission or I move closer to the markets.
  7. Towen7

    Towen7 Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator

    Uverse uses very effecient compression. There are some visible artifacts every now and then but thats true of any broadcast HD source.

    There is no way to get anything other than Uverse programing on the DVR.

    AT&T recently released an iPhone app that lets you watch dowload a limited selection of shows to your iPhone. You can also use the iPhone or iPod to schedule DVR recordings or delete content from the DVR.

    The service doesn't stream webisodes but it does feature apps. For example during the Christas season there is a Santa channel. The "channel" is more like a game menu screen where the user can select to view a map of Santa's progress, or play a simple game, or read christmas stories...

    During the Master's golf tournament the Master's channel would let you follow specific golfers, view high lights, get stats, or watch the play at Amen corner.

    There are several multi-view apps which give you channel lists based on content. For exampe News, or Sports, or Kids. Tuning to the Sports multi-view channal allows you to have four channels on the screen at the same time and you just highlight one of them to see it in full view.
  8. Haywood

    Haywood Well-Known Member Famous

    I'll be getting U-Verse at my new place on September 15th and will happily provide my feedback once I have some time to play with it.
  9. apcarandang

    apcarandang Well-Known Member

    I just got Uverse available in my subdivision. I do have friends who love it and those who hate so I'm on the fence about it. Ive had Directv since they went they first started. But I'm looking to change providers if Uverse can give me the same stuff I have on DTV for less. I will need to check my DTV contract.
  10. Towen7

    Towen7 Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator

    The source of the most Uverse issues it that the service is dependent on a rock solid VDSL signal. The stability of the signal can be affected by cable length between you and AT&T's terminal, the condition of that cable, and the quality and condition of the wiring in the home. It's important to talk to the installer at the beginning of the process to make sure that the signal quality is sufficient to support the profile you want.

    The picture quality is comparable to most other services. Because of the system architecture software compression encoder/decoder updates are easily accomplished with zero effort on your part. There have been very noticeable PQ improvements in the time that I've had it.

    One thing to know about THDVR (total home DVR)... You can schedule recordings and access recorded content on any TV in the house. You cannot however rewind live TV on the non-DVR sets. That functionality is rumored to be coming in the future
  11. Srvy

    Srvy Well-Known Member

    So far what i,m reading i,m liking Ive just got to settle on one package the top tier i,m not really want i,m not a big watcher or hbo skinamax and all the others but seems like get more HD channels. You said its a wireless router if i,m correct in understanding does it use a modem and if so do u have hard wired Ethernet? Does it work like a wireless router and will second party wireless n type router work with? My house is old with old telephone wiring built in the 50s dsl works fine. I,m just wondering is the installation an ordeal as ill need another room wired in along with my basement that doesn't have cable now. Im totally in the dark on this but i do know i want out time warner cable bad.
  12. Towen7

    Towen7 Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator

    The outside lines are connected to a Residential Gateway (RG) using either telephone wiring or coax. The RG serves as a modem, 4 port wired router, wireless router, and VOIP output. The DVR and STBs need to be hardwired to the RG. The usual set-up is to have the DRV and RG in the same space. If you have more than 4 TVs the installer will provide an ethernet switch.

    Installation hassle is a case-by-case proposition. Chances are that the old telephone wiring wont work for the connections between the RG and STB because that requires CAT5 or coax cabling (using AT&T provided baluns). When wiring rooms with no existing service the installers will almost always use coax.
  13. Srvy

    Srvy Well-Known Member

    is there a disadvantage to the coax?
  14. Towen7

    Towen7 Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator

    Nope. Assuming that there are no poor fitting connectors or splitters in the run there is plenty of bandwidth. Using coax does require an ethernet/coax balun on either end but AT&T will supply them.
  15. Srvy

    Srvy Well-Known Member

    Well I'm close to pulling the trigger on the digital tele internet and TV 450 package at 145.00 locked in for 1 year. Ill need three TV boxes and i understand the 1st DVR is free each additional box 7.00 quiet high i think. Ill also need them to make a connection in my rec room for a future TV there. I was wondering seems about the only out of pocket expense for installation will be about 29 dollars. That's for standard installation but nothing i can find explains what standard installation consists of. Anyone racked over the coals by installation?
  16. Towen7

    Towen7 Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator


    Did you ever get Uverse installed?

    Despite being an AT&T employee I haven't had Uverse (or any other other TV service) since moving in October. My wife has finally demanded something a little simpler than our current antenna-PC-WMC-Xbox setup sooooo.... we are having Uverse installed tomorrow. My house is wired with cat5 and coax to the TV locations so it should be a pretty simple job.
  17. Srvy

    Srvy Well-Known Member

    No i did not where i work provides me a free connection although slow dsl so can work autocad at home so i decided take advantage that.
  18. jomari

    jomari War Never Changes Famous

    ive used directv for ages, and love it. aside from being inexpensive, it works for me. the downside is that since im moving in a condo unit, i wont have the option to install it due to their HOA rules.

    Ive seen it done in other units, see the dish installed outside, but i dont want to cause any trouble with my new landlord, knowing that
    1. the HOA only allows a certain number of units to be rented out, anything more than the allocated units MIGHT get him in trouble.
    2. it MIGHT ruin his current unit, knowing and seeing most of the units have the 'antenna coax cable' running from a hole drilled in the wall. wierd.

    anyways, im going to have to get uverse (at&t right?).

    comcast has a good deal of $29/mo for two years no contract, but i also need internet and phone line installed, might as well get it for a decent price. The amount i got estimated was around $96/month.

    man, i was hoping to just go OTA instead, but i think i have to work on this for now.
  19. Haywood

    Haywood Well-Known Member Famous

    The U-Verse gateway is 801.11g. I wanted to use 801.11n, but there was no way to bypass the built-in router. I tried using my router on a subnet, but it was flaky. I eventually solved this problem by replacing my N router with an N access point. Now it works great.

    I love the full-house DVR. Picture quality is a bit more compressed than I would like sometimes, but that's true with a lot of services. I don't think it is any better or worse than the new stuff available from Comcast. In short, it is fine, but nothing outstanding.
  20. jomari

    jomari War Never Changes Famous

    thanks Haywood,

    on my end, im pretty much considering the pricepoint im going to pay on a monthly basis. fwiw, 100 bucks a month is STILL 100 bucks - despite it being a package for internet, phone and cable...

    i guess i appreciated my directv price of 30bucks a month.

    but then again, i never handled the expenses, so i dont know how much our cost would be in a month altogether.

    in regards to quality, heck if i LOVE my directv standard, what more hd stuff. is the hd stuff included, or is that where i pay 10/month?

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