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Wardsweb Systems Update


Renaissance man
While I was at it, I added a Technics SL-1700 to the sun room. It was a freebie from a friend. It motivated me to fix the Vacuum Tube Audio PH16 phono pre, that has been sitting in a box for a couple years. It was given to me because it didn't work. It is a kit that wasn't put together very well. I fixed some bad soldering, bad wiring and some resistors that were the wrong values.



Behind the Curtain
Staff member
^--- Those tweeter/horn things are wild! Points for style, regardless of how they sound. ;)


Renaissance man
I put together a mini system for my work bench. I use Poweramp on my phone, that goes to a Logitech blue tooth receiver, hooked to a Miniwatt amp, driving a pair of vintage Optimus Pro LX4 speakers. Sounds amazing good for what it is.