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What Movie(s) Did You Watch Today?


War Never Changes
another one,

Brightburn or Bright burn.

i didnt like it. the ending wasnt 'justifying' for me, and i wanted some sort of closure, i NEEDED some sort of empathy towards the end. but thats just me being selfish wanting things to end on a good note.

of course, this is a horror film.

For those interested, Starz is running for free on until april 4th i think on Directv.

I saw The professor and the Madman, a movie i recommended particularly to Hot Monks, highly highly recommended. its the 'building of the english dictionary' .



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Seem to be on a western John Wayne kick

Again a great job by Prime of making these older movies available in such a high quality version
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War Never Changes
watched bloodshot via ps4,

first off, it looks gorgeous, even for 1080p quality.

second, not really a big fan of vin diesel, but more of a riddick fan.

anyways, this wasnt too bad, but not going to top my doctor sleep movie.



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Richard Gere (sans hamster)
Martin Sheen
Topher Grace

Pretty good movie. The ending should have been predictable but I am a little slow some days.

And, I only make the hamster comment because I was texting fiancé and she asked what I was watching and I said a Richard Gere movie and she started making hamster comments along with multiple text messages, gif's, memes, etc. I laughed more than I should have.