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What Movie(s) Did You Watch Today?


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I really wanted this to be good it just wasn't. A couple of decent action scenes otherwise cliche and unremarkable. Oh well.

Ok, so those longstanding forum members, especially those going back to the old S&V days, should have established a long time ago that I am pretty easily entertained.

I actually thought it was decent. I enjoyed it and I even enjoyed to twist at the end that everyone with a brain should have seen coming and I didn't. LMAO


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Motherless Brooklyn is a 2019 American neo-noir crime film written, produced and directed by Edward Norton, based on the 1999 novel of the same name by Jonathan Lethem. Set in New York City in 1957, the film follows a private investigator with Tourette syndrome, who is determined to solve the murder of his mentor

It's on HBO


War Never Changes
do we put movies that we watch via netflix here or at the streaming thread?

anyways, watched hold the dark, and overall its pretty good storytelling. definitely on the darker end.

side note, why oh why is it that everytime they show a dark thriller it always seems to be in alaska?

i also watched the outsider, jared leto movie.

in a way, i think that his inclusion in the movie was a 'accompaniment' to the main movie itself, and i enjoyed it quite a lot. somewhat a japanese movie with an american tempo so to speak. not as slow as most japanese movies are.

worth my time.


War Never Changes
I started to watch Dr Sleep but realized it had been years since I watched The Shining so

dr. sleep is still one of the best movies ive seen last year.

there are only two bits you need to know imo, from the shining...

1. dick halloran, the one who gave him ice cream, was the first one know saw his abilities, and needed to help him 'keep it forward'.

2. that the dad was also a 'part' of it, and that he had the shining too, in some sort of manner. (i think. this is my personal takeaway from the shining)