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Which One Would You Pick?


Onkyo - TX-NR708

Pioneer VSX-1102K

Yamaha RX-V765

They are all comprably priced.

Will be using in a 5.1 with Paradigm Studio 60's Front; 20's Center and rears. Will be using Pre-outs for the fronts to run to my Power Amp.
Of the three you listed, I'd pick the Onkyo but it begs the question: have you considered a Denon?
Denon was on my list however could not find a Model with Pre-outs for the price of these. Over $200 more unless I missed something.
Onkyo, I'm thinking the GUI is so easy you won't need to open the owners manual
Maximo said:
And the Shift key on the Onkyo sticks... :teasing-tease:
Maximo said:
I agree with Maximo, the Pioneer is Feature Packed and hard to beat for the price. I have recommended that unit to a couple of friends and ...... they are still friends! :dance:

After reviewing the spec's the Onkyo may have a better dynamic response then the others???

As far as bells and whistles, I really could care less.

Looking for the best value and dynamic response. :eek:bscene-birdiedoublered:
Dynamic performance of these receivers will be virtually identical. Not sure which spec would suggest otherwise, but the slew rate for all of these is virtually identical and way faster than the highest frequency you can hear. It would require nearly double the power output to appreciably increase the peak output.
I was looking at the Dynamic Power Spec on the Onkyo.

Flint and IG (I know that you are the same guy, Barthala :scared-yipes: mul???) (liten up) always taught us that a great amp was one that could double it's output power at half the impedance. :eusa-clap:

However, I am sure that the Dynamic Power Spec does not truely represent this, however...........the others did not.

One more point, My 50 Watt/Channel Onkyo Receiver that I use for my outdoor speakers way, I mean WAY out performs my 100 Watt/Channel Yamaha by a mile with respect to the way that I hear Dynamic Response.

If this is true of the AV Receiver, I should be very happy!!!!
Actually..........Flint/IG did not teach us this, he just reinforeced this point with respec to audio.

Most of us, maybe have learned this in school, on the job or just hangin' out on these forums.........great place to be!!! :happy-smileygiantred:
Out of the 3 Units above only the Onkyo spec's Dynamic.

The others do not and non of them spec the Slew Rate on there websites that I can find.

HOWEVER, I did find the Dynamic Response of the B&K Components Amp to be 1.2 dB and the Parasound Halo to be 1.5 dB. Both High Current Amplifiers and a .3 dB difference CAN be significant depending on the application. :handgestures-fingerscrossed:
Do you need HDMI v1.4? The Onkyo and Pioneer you listed have that, but the Yamaha does not. If you want a Yamaha with HDMI v1.4 then you need to look at the x67 series. I think the RX-V667 is the competitor to the two others you listed.

Also, I'm assuming you meant to type 1120-K on the Pioneer and not 1102-K.

All that said, that's a tough decision between the Onkyo and Pioneer. Both have gotten pretty solid reviews. I was considering both of these recently, but I ended up going another route.
Sorry for the getting the model number wrong, you are right!

I don't think that I need HDMI v 1.4, however that is way I ask question on this forum, however, they tell me that they have answered my specific questions..... :laughing-rolling:

I have had great results with Onkyo in the past, however Pioneer has been a fan of friends of mine, if I had a Pioneer dealer close by, I would look into the Elite Series, but I don't.

Would love to eventually work up to seprates, already have the amp for the Fronts!

I'd pick the Onkyo. I think its combination of ease of use and features is the best.

I picked the Onkyo 708 when looking at those other receivers and have been happy with it ever since. I first bought a Denon 3310 for about the same price but didn't like it for several reasons. I don't have a single complaint about the Onkyo other than it's looks (which don't mean squat anyway).
It looks like the Onkyo only has a 12 V trigger for Zone 2.

That does not make much sense, this will mean I will have to leave my power amp on, or physically turn it on.