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Who is John Galt?


Prodigal Son
They finally did it! I've heard rumors for years about this movie being made. I cannot wait to see it.

A selected scene which captures the essence perfectly:

I've had countless people tell me how excellent this book is, but unfortunately I still have not read it. Flint, from the trailer and selected scene does it look to stay pretty close to the book or have they taken some liberties?
From all the reviews and the clips I've seen, it appears they kept all of the plot lines, characters, scenes, and general dialog. However, the original dialog was dripping with Rand's objectivism philosophy to make a point, the movie mellowed that stuff out and replaced it with more subtle hints and used expressions and such to fill in some of the blanks.

Being such a huge book, it makes sense this is just part 1. They say this is the first third of the book, so maybe there will be three movies.
Expect liberal academics, reviewers and commentators to absolutely hammer this movie. The leftist intelligencia has a special hatred reserved just for Ayn Rand and what she stood for.
Flint said:
She stood for freedom, individualism, and liberty.

I agree. I'm a fan. With the exception of the fact that I'm not an athiest, I am pretty solidly behind her philosophy.
I've heard Flint talk about this book for eight years now and still havent had the chance to read it, but the qoutes Flint leaves have me intrigued.
It is not purely a novel, but a platform for conveying ideology. As a work of fiction, it is not great. As a vehicle for ideas, it is. Ayn Rand tended to get a bit heavy handed and preachy in her work.
I thought the plot and story concept was incredible. It was her sorta odd sexual relationships that confused the crap out of me. I've never felt the way any of her male characters did about any woman, and I have never heard of women acting or feeling the way she portrays them.