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Xbox Question RE: ISO File

WMC can not play ISOs without some type of middle ware like My Movies installed on the host PC.
Are you saying that it's possible then? I have XBMC on my PC and it can play the ISO files. And I actually thought XBMC may have been designed to work with Xbox, or perhaps it was designed in the likeness of the Xbox OS. I'm not really sure.
Yes, it's possible...


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Playing ISO Images
Modified: 2009/11/15 16:22 by admin - Uncategorized

Besides playback of all media files supported by Media Center, My Movies also lets you play back DVD, HD-DVD or Blu-ray titles stored as ISO images.

This feature requires installation of SlySoft Virtual CloneDrive, which My Movies uses to mount the ISO images. When playing back a title stored as an ISO image, My Movies will mount the file via. the ISO mounter software, and Media Center's autoplay feature will pick up the disc insert, just as if you inserted a disc into a drive.

Notice! We recommend using VIDEO_TS folder structures for DVD's, as these by their direct file access gives several options that ISO files does not. For Blu-ray and HD-DVD it is recommended to use ISO files.


To allow ISO file usage in My Movies, download and install Virtual CloneDrive 5.4 or later from http://www.slysoft.com/da/download.html. My Movies will automatically detect CloneDrive after you have installed it.

Common problems

By default, My Movies requires one folder per movie title. Users using ISO images often store multiple ISO files in one folder, causing My Movies to mount the first ISO image from the folder on playback. Users must either store one ISO file per movie folder, or use the Collection Management program to manually point a titles disc directly to the ISO file instead of to a folder.
Playback of ISO images rely on Media Center autoplay feature to pick up the disc. If nothing happens when playing back a DVD title stored as an ISO image, the user should minimize Media Center and confirm that the ISO is mounted as a drive in "My Computer". Should the ISO image be mounted correctly, but playback does not start automatically, the problem is likely that autoplay is disabled for the machine, or for the Virtual CloneDrive drive specifically.
Playback of HD-DVD and Blu-ray titles from ISO files requires the ISO file to contain a fully valid HD-DVD or Blu-ray disc. If nothing happens when playing back an HD title, the ISO image may not contain all the content of the original disc. An example is a Blu-ray disc that only contains the "BDMV" folder of the original disc, and not the "Certificate" folder which is also required for the disc to be valid.