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Cutting the Cord?

The DirtMerchant

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While a box is available it's not required. The "box" is an Android TV box that also runs other apps from the Google Play Store like Disney+, Netflix, Movies Anywhere. The notable exception is Amazon Prime Video.

I'm more than a little biased because I work at AT&T but a) I don't represent AT&T here and b) it's a really, really good live TV app.

The neat things about "the box" is that it boots directly into the AT&T TV app, the remote is universal and operates my TV and soundbar perfectly, the remote has number buttons so you can enter channels numbers like a old school tv if you want instead of having to access and scroll the guide, the remote its Google Voice enabled and can change channels (just say “watch ESPN”), the box is a Google assistant so you can access those services with your voice if that’s your thing, some apps like Netflix and HBO max appear as channels right in the guide for easier access, the box is also a Chromecast device so you can stream stuff from your mobile devices to the TV if you want too.

But again, “the box” isnt required. You can run the AT&T TV app on Roku, Amazon Fire devices, and most Android TV devices. Many "smart" TVs like Samsungs support it directly. And of course it runs on iOS and Android mobile devices.

It’s great to catch live events on my phone while following my wife around the grocery store. We take an ipad when we go camping and if we get cell coverage watch a little tv before bed. If something goes crazy like .,, I don’t know ... a bunch of people storm Congress ... I can follow events on my phone.

I have the service (obviously) but have only one “box” which we use in the bedroom because of the aforementioned ability to boot directly into the app We use Roku devices on the living room and gym, a firestick in the kitchen and patio, and run it directly from the Samsung TV’s menu on the TVs upstairs.
I miss number buttons, so that's good, but I have Roku's at all my TVs or Roku built in on my TCLs...so having to buy another box...harumph! lol
But...what's with no longer pushing AT&T Now? So, if I was a new signee...I would have to buy the "box", then I could stream via the AT&T TV Now app?


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Staff member
AT&T Now was originally DirecTV Now and the platform is entirely different from AT&T TV ... different channel availability as negotiated when ATT and DTV were different companies at the time, different hardware and software on the back end, different billing systems, etc. They may look the same to a customer but they're still doubling the resources for redundant products.

I'll double check but I'm 99.99% sure that new signees don't "have" to get the box at all if they don't want it. It's just an add-on.

They're pushing the box because it helps differentiate the AT&T TV product and makes easier for some people to use. It also makes it accessible to people (mostly older people) who just want to watch TV like they're used to and don't want to have to deal with having separate accounts and passwords and such required to use a Roku or Firestick.

Again ... it's not required to get a box. You can just install the app and sign-up and your good to go.