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I've watched it since the beginning & have seen every episode - wouldn't miss it for anything. When my wife first saw it she asked "What in the world are you watching??" Said it was too violent, bloody, etc. Now she loves it. The new season starts this month I think.
Been hooked since the first episode.

Can't believe how last season ended... :scared-yipes:

Can't wait!!

Ordered seasons 1-4 thru Amazon based solely on word of mouth...can't wait to dive in.
The old lady brought home disc one of season four today. Never seen it before.

Interesting. a serial killer with a purpose who whacks bad guys. I like it.

Strangely satisfying.
The wife and I finished season one on BD last night. It took us about 3 weeks to get through it, but we watched 6 of the 12 episodes LAST NIGHT!!! That's how hooked we got. Awesome stuff, the perfect blend of Innovative story, acting, crime drama, forensics, comedy, etc we have seen in some time!! Loved how a couple arcs tied all 12 episodes together. Looking forward to mixing in season two with some MLB playoffs... :happy-smileygiantred:
Been a fan since season 1, got a little bothered by season 2, back on track with season 3, really rocked with season 4.
I'm hooked! After watching the first 2 episodes of season 2 over the last week, I watched the last 10 episodes last night from 8pm til 4 in the morning!! This is some awesome stuff. When I get caught up, I don't know what I'm gonna do, because I don't have Showtime and don't plan on getting it :cry:
Finished Season 3 last night, but the wife fell asleep during the last episode. After she gets caught up on that, we'll be starting season 4 later this evening. I gotta say after hearing the premise of the show a while back and way before I purchased any of these seasons on BD, that the show and storytelling is much, MUCH different than I ever imagined. I can't wait for season 5 to come out later on down the line...
Me and my wife love this show! We watched season 1-4 on blu ray from Netflix, can't wait for season 5 to come out.
For those who haven't completely caught up on the episodes I must say you will love this season, season 5, right? They sure have gone by quickly.

The start of season 5 was a little slow after what they left you with at the end of season 4. But last Sunday's episode of Dexter was one of my favorite episodes of all the seasons. It was so intense my heart was beating really fast. With only 2 or 3 episodes left the ending should be a good one. The big thing I like about this season is I haven't been able to tell how things are going to unfold like previous seasons where I was able to. Dexter is I guess you would say changing. He is introduced to a lot of new situations and is doing "un-Dexter" like things.

I love this show and can't wait for the new episode this Sunday.
Holy shit! Tonight's episode was so good! Dexter has never been in this kind of situation. Seasonal finale next Sunday. This is going to be good!
Wow! Season 5 just finished and I must say it was a very good ending. I know no idea where they are taking season 6. Sucks that I will have to wait for 9-10 months until the next season starts up again.
Doghart said:
This last season has been the best so far...



Season 4 or 5? If you are talking about season 4 John Lithgow (sp?) did a fantastic job.

Julia Stiles did a great job this season. Although not the same as Lithgow's role, she still did a great job. The ending to this season was very good. So good that I was sad it ended.