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Joe Bonamassa


Behind the Curtain
Staff member
Well, I'm so excited I had to start a thread - just got a late Christmas present for me and my wife: two tickets to go see Joe in concert on 3/23 in Reading, PA (about 2 hrs. from me).

This definitely deserves a few: :music-rockout: :music-rockout: :music-rockout: :music-rockout: :music-rockout: :music-rockout:

I can't wait!


:teasing-neener: :teasing-neener: :teasing-neener: :teasing-neener:
Rope said:
Too bad it's not Joe Satriani.


May not be Joe Satriani, but I think you'll thoroughly enjoy the show. ..... . Enjoy!
I dig his music, but the whole "sunglasses" thing on stage makes him seem like an A-hole.

Just sayin'


Doghart said:
I dig his music, but the whole "sunglasses" thing on stage makes him seem like an A-hole.

Just sayin'



Which one, Joe, or Joe? :angry-banghead:

I'll be the first to admit, Joe B. has a goofy stage presence. He has this annoying pigeon thing he does with his neck... But damn, who cares, when he's as good a musician as he is? Aesthetics are *way* below musicality on my scale. And yeah JB's a good guitar player, but it's not the technique that's so impressive, so much as how he uses it to create a musical line. He is not a "rock star."
I think Jim Bonamassa and I have the same sunglasses. Maui Jim's with a Beta-Titanium frame, cool shades my man, rock on :music-rockout:

Ok Pauly, you got me beat seeing him in person vs watching him on Directv's Guitar Sessions, but will he be in 3D!!!? Oh wait, I forgot My system does not support that technology yet.

No, I'm not clicking those links and you can't make me! I'm afraid it may be some automatic enrollment into his fan club. And since you're its president, you may be inclined to abuse your power. :teasing-neener:
pauly,he may not be everyones cup o tea,but i saw him live and anyone who likes his music WONT be dissapointed seeing him live. and the biggest suprise I had was his acoustical set, I didnt know you could play an acoustical guitar like that.
Joe as a 16yo... some brief interviews with BB King.



Man oh man! This is a whirlwind Joe Bonamassa Promotional Tour you're on. Let me know when you schedule an appearence on Letterman so I can set my DVR.
Relax, I'm confining it (mostly) to this thread... if you don't like him, don't read it!

Edit: :happy-smileygiantred: