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Netflix Streaming

Discussion in 'Source Components II' started by yromj, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. yromj

    yromj Well-Known Member

    How many of us use Netflix streaming? I do and I love it.

    How do you use it? About 90% of my usage is viewing past seasons of TV shows. (BTW, WTF is up w/ CBS? They don't have ANY of their shows on there.) I don't really use it to watch new release movies.

    How many people have used it on more than type or brand of device? I've used it quite a bit on a Sony BD-PS370 blu-ray player and an LG 32" TV (not sure of the model number). Recently, the LG received a software update and added some really cool features to the Netflix browser.

    Now, from the TV, I can browse not only my instant queue, but it also has "tabs" (essentially) where I can browse suggested items and add them to the queue. Also, it shows how long I've watched previous episodes/movies (so if I watched part of an episode of 24 and stopped it shows that). Also, it shows still shots of the show when you fastforward or rewind.

    I agree w/ T7 that this type of service is the future. It's very straightforward, with quick and easy navigation (on both devices) once the shows are in the queue (and the LG is addressing part of that).

  2. PaulyT

    PaulyT Behind the Curtain Staff Member Administrator Moderator Superstar

    We use it to watch also mainly TV shows, from the PS3. I tried it from my HTPC as well, but at least last time I made the attempt - which was a while ago - the PC/web interface was kinda klunky and not overly reliable.
  3. CMonster

    CMonster Lazy Individual

    We have a couple of viewing marathons when the latest season of The Office is released plus an occasional movie, maybe one every other month. It's much nicer now that we have a blu-ray player capable of streaming to the main system instead of sitting in front of the computer.
  4. Towen7

    Towen7 Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator

    I haven't tried Netflix streaming just yet. I just got the Hulu+ streaming working on the TV and it has all the TV shows I think we need. So movies is the only reason for Netflix for me. The only reason I'm hesitating with getting a Netflix account is that I'm not sure we'll watch enough movies to justify it. I hate RedBox but they are everywhere and if we only watch one or two $1.50 BDs a month there is no justification for a $10/month Netflix account on top of a $10/month Hulu+ account.

    That being said I think I'll go ahead and sign-up for the free trial.
  5. Maximo

    Maximo Well-Known Member

    We use netflix streaming all the time. Kids watch a lot of cartoons on it. Right now they are on Book three of avatar. And if I am not paying attention they will watch a a whole season in one sitting.
  6. Rope

    Rope Well-Known Member Famous

    I ROKU! Nefix streaming ROCKS! Although I haven't given up my Blu-ray disc subscription, yet.

  7. yromj

    yromj Well-Known Member

    I was very interested in Hulu+ until I realized they don't have CBS shows either. :angry-cussingblack:

    T7 I understand your point completely. I'm going to be checking into Hulu in the near future and I may opt for it over Netflix.

  8. mzpro5

    mzpro5 Well-Known Member Famous

    I use it with my Wii quite a bit.

    I am looking for another streaming device though so I can get better resolution and sound than the Wii.
  9. Maximo

    Maximo Well-Known Member

    I hear ya! Computers have the worst streaming resolution. My LG BR player does great!
  10. lulimet

    lulimet Well-Known Member

    I stream from my 360. Love the fact that you don't deal with dvds.
  11. yromj

    yromj Well-Known Member

    I still prefer the discs for certain movies, even if I don't buy them.

  12. Towen7

    Towen7 Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator

    Okay... I signed-up for the free one month trial yesterday and here is what I know so far...

    There is no "winner" when it comes to on-line streaming services IMHO. Each have their pros and cons; Hulu+ has no recent/decent movies, Netflix has no current season episodes of TV shows, Amazon-on-Demand and AppleTV have no subscription options. On that note there is a fresh rumor that Hulu+ may be considering a price reduction to $5/mo. :handgestures-fingerscrossed: :handgestures-fingerscrossed:

    Likewise with the streaming devices; once Roku gets support for Hulu+ later this fall it will be my player of choice but it is not perfect. For the record neither is the Apple TV, internet connected BD players, PS3, Xbox360, WD Live....
  13. Botch

    Botch I.Y.A.A.Y.A.S! Superstar

    $5 says they plan it that way... :evil:
  14. Maximo

    Maximo Well-Known Member

    Try VUDU. They offer up to 1080p movies with DD plus. I thought the quality was very good. You do pay $6 a movie to watch but its worth it IMO.
  15. yromj

    yromj Well-Known Member

    See that's what I'm not sure about, for me. I understand the convenience of getting a movie on-demand w/ great PQ and sound w/o leaving the house (or the couch for that matter) exactly when you want it. I just don't know if doing that twice per month is worth quantity of material I view each month from Netflix.

    Of course, I understand that Vudu can supplement Netflix. I'm just trying to put the relative money in perspective.

  16. Rope

    Rope Well-Known Member Famous

    At $6.00 per movie, if you watch 3 movies per month, that's a Netflix 2 disc Blu-ray subscription plus you could stream two ROKUs. If you're bandwidth is good the ROKU's PQ is very acceptable, the only down side is the audio which is not DD. Although, if you have a two disc Blu-ray subscription, any movies you find of importance could be added to your Netflix queue.

  17. Towen7

    Towen7 Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator

    http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/enterta ... ntals.html

    Redbox announced yesterday their plans to start a streaming service in 2011. Their is no word on pricing but since Hollywood studios control access to online content and charge distributors more for new releases, it's hard to imagine a $1 new release pricing plan.
  18. yromj

    yromj Well-Known Member

    That's exactly the way I feel, also. BTW, isn't Netflix supposed to start offering 5.1 audio soon (other than on the PS3)?

  19. Rope

    Rope Well-Known Member Famous

    Yromj -

    I have no idea concering Netlix's streaming of 5.1. Your comment is the first I've heard of it.

  20. FreshDTSht

    FreshDTSht Member

    Netflix streaming rocks. I have it on my Tivo Premiere and I probably haven't used it enough. I also had used it on Xbox as well. I think one of the reasons I haven't used it much is because I'm not that into most TV shows/series. Otherwise I'd probably be taking more of an advantage of it. Whenever I'm hunting in my queue though I make sure to see if it's streaming, merely out of convenience.
    If this trend keeps shifting it's not hard to imagine Blu ray being the last media that we use to buy movies.

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