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New SVS speakers - not what I had in mind

FINALL!!! Someone has made a mass market high fidelity in wall system! Plus, they are promoting the idea of hiding the speakers behind poster-grills!

I think this is brilliant - let's see if the worlds agrees.
I know, let's all get together later on this afternoon and re-invent the wheel.

SVS is the only company I know of that seemingly announces new products at the onset of an idea. I just don't get it. Two+ years these things have been coming. I'm guessing their LTS speakers should be available for purchase sometime in 2015. And I'm sure they'll use all the hyperbole they can muster when they try to explain why it took 7 years to bring them to market. Honest to God, I wonder which S in SVS stands for "spin"? :angry-cussingblack:
Note how this seems to be originating from the marketing department... sigh.
The whole friggin' company is a marketing department! :angry-banghead:
Zing said:
The whole friggin' company is a marketing department! :angry-banghead:

Tom stated on the other forum he left because of marketing direction differences between he and Ron.

It's sad to see a internet company with such success, product support, and genuinely good products, turn to the dark side.

I for one am glad to see these. Speakers sitting in a room is not for everyone and this gives people another option for good sound, without giving up space.

I literally don't have room for surround and back surround speakers in my room. Inwall and inceiling were the only option with the room layout. I'm sure there are many people in this situation.

Bravo SVS!

I'm know there is a market for these, and yes, some people don't have the option of towers or stand mounted speakers for surrounds. However, I was waiting for the LTS line. Since the LTS model was announced a couple of years ago, the M-series, the S-series and the subs have been updated, but still no LTS. With this announcement today, the LTS info has disappeared from their website. Go figure. :handgestures-thumbdown:
I think this is a good speaker idea that the market needs desperately. Sure, it isn't what most of us want, but you guys are being WAY too harsh.
I thought your first post above was being ironic...
PaulyT said:
I thought your first post above was being ironic...

Me too. Not sure what you mean about the "market needs this desperately". In-wall/on wall speakers with decorative grills have been around for a long time. Is there something in the write-up that makes you think these will be significantly better than the other brands?

Or are you just putting us on?
Shit, I'm completely giving up on trying to second-guess anything Flint posts. From now on, I'm taking anything he says at 100% face value. Be warned. ;)
Is Flint sipping too much of the single malt scotch again, I still think he's being ironic, even if he says otherwise.
PaulyT said:
Shit, I'm completely giving up on trying to second-guess anything Flint posts. From now on, I'm taking anything he says at 100% face value. Be warned. ;)
Ever since he called Elton a "hack" I've been doing the exact opposite... :eek:bscene-buttred:
If Flint is being sarcastic or not, doesn't change my opinion about SVS or their in wall speakers. They've become media whores without delivering the goods, and their subwoofer prices continue to rise. But hey, you've gotta pay for all that media attention one way or another.

The speaker has a large fixed enclosure foe each mid-woofer to ensure optimal and consistent bass performance. It is a quality MTM design with aparently quality drivers. The solution is designed to blend into the room. Just from the specs, descriptions and engineering drawings, these look like inwall speakers done properly for the first time.

I think you guys jumped the gun.
Yes! It is original!

You are only noticing that it is an in-wall speaker. That isn't what makes this new speaker from SVS special.

Look, for years we have told people who ask about in wall speakers that they will never get the same performance from in-walls as they will from stand alone enclosure-based speakers. Why? IT'S NOT BECAUSE THE IN-WALLS ARE IN A WALL! It is because nearly all of the mainstream and mostly affordable in-wall speakers either have no enclosure OR they have a very tiny enclosure. What has SVS done? They made an in-wall speaker with a relatively VERY large enclosure! What does that mean?

Having an enclosure means:
- Consistent performance regardless of the wall construction where it is installed
- Known bass performance

Having a large enclosure:
- Deeper and more powerful bass performance
- Higher dynamic range in the bass with improved transient response

Why doesn't every manufacturer offer a large enclosure with their in-wall speakers? Because a great big speaker grill is uglier than a tiny one. Also, it is harder to install a large enclosure. AND... large enclosures require large boxes which require significantly more warehouse space where they sit for months waiting to be sold. AND... shipping costs are consierably higher.

SVS doesn't have to worry about the shipping or warehousing as they built their business on mega-large subwoofer designs and have those costs under control. They also don't ship their speakers all over the country for local warehousing at various distributors and dealers.

What about the large speaker grills? SVS address that as well by making the grills approximately the size of wall hanging, art, and movie posters.

I think this is brilliant and you guys really are being blind, ignorant, or just putting me on.