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Sony UBP-X800


Active Member
I gotta say, I don't know if I could recommend this player to anyone anymore. I know since cutting the cord that the player is doing most of the heavy lifting, but I'm having to unplug it a couple of times a week and sometimes daily because it locks up.
Agree, I got rid of mine.


War Never Changes
so which ones do you opted to go with?

i have 2 samsung 4k uhd players, but doesnt have dolby vision on em. too bad, but maybe not. i think, i THINK i can live without dolby vision.


Well-Known Member
Any of the few minor problems I had seemed to "disappear" when I got my Roku 4k streamer and stopped using the Sony for a majority of my streaming. I still use it to stream occasionally.

I don't have and have never really had problems related to disc play.

Being single and with no kids it probably doesn't get the use it would from others.


Well-Known Member
I have had problems with the player locking up while playing discs, but lately it will lock up mid stream of something I'm watching. It's not an everytime type of thing, but it happens enough that I've thought about getting a Roku 4K unit, but that causes problems with my receiver.


Behind the Curtain
Staff member
I have never had a problem with my x800 but I don't use it for anything but discs, my streaming is all through the roku (2).