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True Grit

Discussion in 'Movies' started by mzpro5, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. mzpro5

    mzpro5 Well-Known Member Famous

    I like the Coen brothers but don't think a remake of True Grit is needed. Anyway here is a trailer:

  2. Yesfan70

    Yesfan70 I'm famous now bitches! vvvvv Famous

    Saw the preview the other day. Not entirely sold, but I do like Bridges. I think I'll see him in Tron Legacy first and then just rent Grit when it comes to home video.
  3. DIYer

    DIYer Well-Known Member Famous

    Coen brothers work may hold value. But then it's a personal taste so who knows what others may feel.
  4. Yesfan70

    Yesfan70 I'm famous now bitches! vvvvv Famous

    For me, it's a matter of some things shouldn't be redone. I think the Duke is one of them. Don't get me wrong, I like Jeff Bridges in just about everything I've saw him in, but I think True Grit is one of those films that should be left as is. Could you imagine Russel Crow as Josey Wales? It would be along the same lines.

    There called classics for a reason.
  5. DIYer

    DIYer Well-Known Member Famous

    I feel the same way about some of remakes, i.e. The Day Earth Stood Still. But looks like this one is already concluded so I might as well (try to) enjoy it. Now if there is some kind of voting session on whether to remake or not then sure, I'll vote no.
  6. zod

    zod Well-Known Member

    Ditto, this is a cheap echo.
  7. walls

    walls Well-Known Member

    I am actually pretty excited about this, IMO there hasnt been a decent western since Open Range so this may suffice.
  8. jamhead

    jamhead Well-Known Member

    Me too. I usually enjoy Coen bros. movies....so I'm pretty jazzed about this one.
  9. mzpro5

    mzpro5 Well-Known Member Famous

    First "civilian" IMDB review of True Grit(by some guy who lives in Hollywood). The critics pretty much universally love it from what I've read.

    Those of you who wonder why someone would remake a good film, need to withhold judgment until seeing this film. It was one of the most authentic westerns I've ever had the privilege of viewing, and I am a die-hard western aficionado, and true-west historian. The costumes, the buildings, the interiors, and the dialogue were so meticulously crafted that I felt entirely immersed in a world long since forgotten, and often misunderstood. The acting was unbelievable as you'd expect from such established, accomplished thespians, but Hailee Steinfeld was a revelation, holding her own, if not carrying the entire film on her relatively small shoulders. The Brothers Coen have justified their choice to adapt Charles Portis' novel, not remake the John Wayne classic. The impact, and visceral reality of life in such places and times, coupled with the abrupt, brutal violence is something you didn't fully grasp in the grandstanding, heroics of the 1969 version. I applaud the Coens for exercising restraint and understatement to allow the scenes and the situations to breathe and take there natural course. Overall, it was an amazing cinematic experience that truly transports the viewer to a very real and fully realized time and space that crackles with fire and true grit.

    Link to full review

  10. Batman

    Batman Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator Famous

    I'd definitely give this movie a try. I'm one who can rarely sit through old movies no matter how good because I find the campy SFX or set pieces to be distracting. I'll probably get crucified for saying that which is fine. I love a good western and it seems to be a dying genre, so this "remake" will give me a chance to see a story on screen I probably wouldn't have otherwise. That review only reinforces why I should go see it...thanks.
  11. zod

    zod Well-Known Member

    Finger check - unintended post
  12. TitaniumTroy

    TitaniumTroy Well-Known Member

    I really want to see this one, hope it is as good as No Country For Old Men. Jeff Bridges comes off as one cranky, crusty, but bad ass, old fart.
    The girl is rumored to be up for an Oscar too.

    So Bats how far back in time can you watch a movie before you cant take it, just curious?
  13. Batman

    Batman Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator Famous

    ^ probably about ~1970-75 timeframe and that's pushing it... :eusa-whistle:
  14. Flint

    Flint "Do you know who I am?" Superstar

    First off, this isn't a remake of the John Wayne movie. The original "True Grit" was a retelling of a western novel which strayed VERY far from the original book. The new Cohen movie is a retelling of the original book which is stays closer to the plot of the book.

    Saying one movie which as only partially associated with a book is the only version we should ever see isn't fair.

    Now, if this movie were based solely on the original movie, I would agree with you guys 100%.

  15. walls

    walls Well-Known Member

    Ugh........remake......non remake......reimagining......who cares???? Just see it and decide for yourself. Me, im in on opening day, I love good westerns, and lets face it, not too many new ones to go around.
  16. walls

    walls Well-Known Member

    Gonna see this tonight, I will give my review when I get home. :banana-dance:
  17. zod

    zod Well-Known Member

    I'd like to see your review. I'm not much of a John Wayne guy, but he did make a lot of sucessful movies. True Grit, for him, was his lifetime achievment award from the academy. And I really liked the movie. Jeff Bridges got his lifetime achievment award last year.
  18. walls

    walls Well-Known Member

    Fantastic film! Bridges was really....REALLY good in this as well as the girl (name escapes me). I am not gonna get to far into a full review with spoilers until more of you have seen it.

    All I am gonna say is that thyis is the first film I saw at the theater since Avatar and I liked this one much more. LOL!!
  19. Botch

    Botch I.Y.A.A.Y.A.S! Superstar

    The critics are pretty universal in their praise, too. :thumb:
  20. Randy

    Randy Well-Known Member Famous

    Saw it yesterday and I have to say I thought it was a very good movie. Jeff Bridges was extremely believeable in his character. The storyline was very good. The little girl was awesome and made the movie in my opinion. Matt Damon was OK.

    Highly reccomended. My brother and my nephew agreed that it was well worth the watch. My wife thought it was just OK, but I could have predicted that. She wanted to see The Fighter, because it has Mark Walberg in it.

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