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What Are You Listening To?


"Do you know who I am?"
Checking out the new Paul McCartney tunes. Man, this guy can make music!!!

And this is by far the best band he's every put together.


Hot Monkey

Active Member
The new Lindemann solo album (lead singer of Rammstein). Not sure how Peter Stormare (Fargo and Unpimp The Auto) ended up in this video.



"Do you know who I am?"
Today The Who just released their first full-length album of new music since the 1980s. Called "WHO", it has their regular stage rhythm section and some pretty well orchestrated strings and brass filling in the performances by Pete and Roger.

I've been listening to individual tracks on YouTube.

Roger's voice is old, but he does it well. Overall, it is a very good album and is definitely a Who album and not a Pete Townshend solo effort with the members of the Who playing a part. That said, the song structures are simpler than I am used to and the lyrics are often simplistic, heavy-handed moralistic, and downright boring if you don't enjoy their message - I am sure some of you could hear my eye rolls from your homes across the nation.

I am going to buy it and enjoy it for a bit before judging its place in the Who's catalog of incredible music - my favorite rock music. But it is good on initial listens, so that's a plus. Their EP "Endless Wire" didn't work for me, so this is a much better result.