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What are you watching via streaming?


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Thought we could have a thread related to what we may be watching via streaming and to give recommendations for hidden gems.

I am watching several series right now. I always thought "My Name is Earl" was a really stupid program but a good friend kept telling me how funny it is. Well gave it a try and an now almost through the second season. Yeah it is dumb but hilarious at times.

Also watching "Firefly, another series I missed. About halfway done and then I'll watch Serenity.

And watched several animated Batman movies "Batman: Under the Red Hood" is a pretty good one.
Raising Hope (on Hulu+)

I've been streaming episodes of "Code Monkeys" on Netflix.

I had never heard of it before, but it's a cartoon where the animation is designed to rememble 1980s-era video games. Also, I've watched a little bit of the documentary series "When We Left Earth" (with Gary Sinese as the narrator) because it's in both HD and 5.1 surround, which is still somewhat rare for Netflix. Also I've watched a few episodes of "Stella" that aired on Comedy Central a few years back.

Bumping an old thread...

Just finished watching Blue Planet II on netflix; I didn't realize how many of the BBC Earth series were available on netflix, I'm very excited. I love this stuff.
Bumping an old thread...

Just finished watching Blue Planet II on netflix; I didn't realize how many of the BBC Earth series were available on netflix, I'm very excited. I love this stuff.
Do you have a 4K tv Paul? What I've watched of that show looked absolutely stunning.
No, I'm still in the dark ages with a 46" lcd 1080p. :laughing:
Get on it Paul!! TVs including 4K are dirt cheap these days. :D
Wife and I finished Stargate Universe yesterday, and it was kind of sad that it's the last of the Stargate content I haven't seen, not including whatever they did with those 10 minute shorts that I guess were awful. I know this one didn't get much love, but it grew on me and wish they had at least did another season to end things properly.

Then I saw an ad on Hulu for Futureman, which I remember Flint mentioning awhile back. First episode is alright, but I felt it picked up steam and got better a few episodes in. We will finish the series I'm sure, although I'm a little confused as to what the Biotics actually are.
The Grand Tour when I think about it. Catch up a few episodes and then get busy and forget about it for a bit.
Punisher season 2. I normally despise these type of shows but I'm enjoying this one.
Also, The Duece, just finished season 2. Good stuff.
Was looking for something on Netflix last night, and came across How It Ends, with Forrest Whitacre and Theo James, and it looked interesting. Doing a search for it this morning, the tag on the IMDB link said:
  1. Orbiting a planet on the brink of war, scientists test a device to solve an energy crisis, and end up face-to-face with a dark alternate reality.

Which if that was the movie, it would have been much more entertaining. Another movie where you actually don't see the threat, which is becoming a theme with Netflix. This movie, Bird Box and Extinction all come to mind, but at least with Extinction, you get some answers in the end. How It Ends wasn't a bad movie, and had it's moments, but if you don't watch it, you aren't missing anything. I've heard similar things about IO, so I'm not sure if I'm going to watch that one as well.
Just finished SweetBitter. It was good rather than great, but I will watch the second season and see where it goes.
Again, another movie that I found by accident rather than Netflix promoting it, but I came across a Netflix Original called Polar. It stars Mads Mikelson and Vanessa Hudgens, and it reminded me of movies like John Wick and Kill Bill, both is shot count and gore. Overall, I really liked it and they left it so that there could be a part 2.
I've started watching Letterkenny on Hulu, and once I got accustomed to the muddled dialog, I haven't stopped laughing.
Are you sure you aren't partly Canadian? First Schitts Creek. Now Letterkenny?

I am just very white and love fast, quirky wordplay. I often prefer UK comedies more than American for that reason. But, yes, starting with Corner Gas and Billable Hours I have been a huge fan of lightweight Canadian comedy.
Wife and I finished watching the second season of Future Man on Hulu last week, and we both agreed that the first season was better than the second, especially the last episode of season 2. I hope that's not the direction they are going.

Watched a couple of episodes of Sex Education on Netflix this weekend as well. It was better than expected, although I still felt uneasy watching high school kids have sex, even though they probably are all over 18 in real life, or at least the ones that are showing nudity.