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What Movie(s) Did You Watch Today?


Grandmaster Pimp Daddy
Watched Operation Finale with Ben Kingsley playing Nazi Adolf Eichmann one of the top Nazi commanders who escapes to Buenes Aries after Germany fell and was living a peaceful life with his family when he was finally located and a team of people go in to capture him and bring him in to stand trial for war crimes. The movie really takes off when they capture him and realize they can't just leave Buenes Aries for ten days and have to stay hidden as the whole city is looking for them for kidnapping one of their citizens even though he's a war criminal. Never heard of the movie when it was in theaters and heard very little when released on video. Wow oh wow what an incredible movie. It's a cross between Argo and a good espionage movie. I would say this movie is easily in my top ten favorite movies I've seen. The way they shot the ending cutting between past and present was spectacular. If you want to see a great true story movie with a lot of tension and suspense I highly recommend this one.

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I may have missed it elsewhere and I know this thread is primarily for stuff we watched in our HT's, but went to see Bohemian Rhapsody Friday night and DAYUMMM!!!!!

That movie was excellent. One of the better films Ive seen in a long time.

I agree Randy watched Bohemian Rhapsody on TV in the HT last night. Loved it!!



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Not a whole lot of remakes get the nod from me but this is one of the rare occasions when the remake is actually better then the original. Yes it has cheesy cgi but it all adds up to good gory fun and the LFE channel gets a serious workout during the finale.
Oh and the head vampire is just so perfectly played. Give it a spin it’s worth the watch!!


Renaissance man

I'm not huge into historical movies but Rose is a history buff and loves period pieces, so we watched Mary Queen of Scots last night. At least, I had Rose here give me ongoing background, insight and historical accuracy with the movie. I thought Saoirse Ronan did an outstanding job.


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The Girl in the Spider's Web.

I really liked the trilogy and this was a so so sequel based on a novel written by someone other than Steag Laarssen. I haven't read the book. There sere some inconsistensices that bothered me but unless you are a fan of the series you probably wouldn't notice. the biggest being that journalist Mikael Blomquist appears to be about the same age as Lisbeth Salander while in the books and past movies there is quite an age difference. It was kinda weird to see Claire Foy in a role so 180 degrees away from Queen Elizaabeth II.

Entertaining but not worth a purchase IMO.