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What Movie(s) Did You Watch Today?


"Do you know who I am?"
Ha! I started watching Buster Scruggs a couple of weeks ago, and I got so bored and lost I only made it about halfway through. It was interesting but I couldn't see the point, if there was one. Maybe all the little stories come together in some way later on, dunno. I'll give it another shot someday.
I think they are recreating the old-fashioned storytelling about the tribulations of the old west. Since I grew up hearing those types of stories told in this way (though the humoristic style was different - there was humor, but it was more ironic than slapstick as the Coen bros tend to do), I found the movie a throw-back. I don't believe it was meant to be similar to modern storytelling as we've become accustomed to.


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I've seen it before, but watched Interstellar again yesterday. First time I watched, I didn't notice that Nolan was using Imax film in some of the scenes like he did with the Batman movie. It was only in Bluray, but damn there were some truly stunning scenes in this movie. Christopher Nolan is truly in artist in his film making.