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What netflix stream should I watch tonight?


Behind the Curtain
Staff member
Have the evening to myself (wife's away), any suggestions for what to watch? Not sure if I'm in the mood for any of the disc videos tonight (netflix rentals and stuff I own)... Any suggestions for something good for a guy-at-home-alone to watch that I can get instantly on netflix? (so no porn you dogs)
Blood Into Wine - A documentary about Maynard's (lead singer of Tool and other bands) winery.
Seen Zombieland (great!)... I've actually been watching a number of music videos (SRV, Robert Cray) lately, so I'd rather do something fictional tonight.

Keep 'em coming!

I do have The Town on BD from netflix, am hesitant because I think my wife would like this one. But I may go ahead with it anyway... well it's another possibility.
Hmm... Seven Samurai is looking like a good one.
"Lady and the Tramp", Walt Disney.

Or, if you have internet access on your TV, you can get instantaneous, free HD pr0n at www.eporner.com ...
Or so I've heard...
Now Botch, what'd I say in my very first post? :angry-tappingfoot:

Hmm.... Seven Samurai is 3.5 hours long, not sure I've got that in me tonight. Still looking...
PaulyT said:
Now Botch, what'd I say in my very first post? :angry-tappingfoot:
You said "instantly, so no pr0n" so I thought it was the "instantly" that was critical... :text-imsorry:
Yeah, yeah, you're just trying to help. :eek:bscene-birdiedoublered:

Hmm... maybe "Ip Man"? Looks interesting, I think I remember it coming up in one of the Asian film threads...
I threw in Galapagos, by the BBC. Don't know if it's available on Netflix, but it's excellent (even if its only stereo).
If you like bizarre movies there is one called Ink the lady and I watched about a month ago. Definitely interesting.
I just looked at Netflix streaming availability.

If you like Gladiator, watch Sparticus - Blood & Sand, or Gods of the Arena.

PaulyT said:
Hmm... maybe "Ip Man"? Looks interesting, I think I remember it coming up in one of the Asian film threads...
Pauly, at this rate, by the time you decide... the sun will be up. :doh:
Do a marathon if you're going to be home alone for a while. I've been watching Arrested Development. I've caught some episodes over the years, but this time I've been watching them as they originally aired. I'm almost done with the final season.
Thanks all. Ended up watching Ip Man:


Not bad. Maybe not the best I've seen, but worth watching certainly.

I'll look at these other suggestions, wife's not home till tomorrow so I've got tonight as well.
When watching Arrested Development, the image on mine looked as good as DVD. I think that show was in HD, but my download speeds are at around 3Mbps. Maybe if I had a faster connection, I would have better picture quality.