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What TV shows are you watching now?


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I stumbled on the pilot for a modern remake of The Tick on Amazon. Loved it!
Apparently Amazon has ordered a full season.



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Stuff we are watching and liking right now:
The Strain
Emerald City
The Magicians

Stuff we watched recently and really liked:
Man in the High Castle (Season Two)
Sherlock (Season 4)
The Crown
The AO

Shows I like, but don't love:
Lethal Weapon
Shadowhunters (yes, I know it is bad)


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I've been watching The Wire via HBO Now. Never daw it when it came out and am thru Sesaon 4, only one more to go.

Anyone else watch(ed) this?


War Never Changes
the magicians was good for a while, until it got a bit too emo like for me. great concept, just sometimes a bit dragging,


Queen of the south
Dark matter
GOT of course

wife got me started to watch a bunch of freeform tv series,

Baby Daddy
Food something, i forgot the name, girl looks like carrie underwood...

about to start



Behind the Curtain
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I've been watching The Wire via HBO Now
Ya. Very good show. Ok a little extreme in how it depicts daily Baltimore life, but one of the writers/creators - Ed Burns - actually taught at the same school as my wife and knew her. There's a very minor character, a teacher in the 3rd (I think) season who had her car stolen off the street by a student (no this never happened to us), named "ms Thiessen" who's named after her. ;)
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Really, Botch?

The wife got sick after eating at his Santa Rosa, CA restaurant (Tex Wasabi) years ago but one of the two places featured in the Crossroads district just south of downtown KC is one of our favorites (Grinders). The other, The Brick, has Zing craving this battered and deep-fried dog (not a stock photo :) ):


I'm famous now bitches! vvvvv
off the top of my head.......

Black Sails
Walking Dead
Better Call Saul
The Defenders (not yet, but will)


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I highly recommend the NOVA (PBS) episode that aired this week on the Cassini spacecraft. Amazing story, factoids and pictures.

I caught it via streaming from the PBS channel on my Roku.


Dog Faced Pony Soldier
I finally got around to watching "Wolf Hall" from PBS Masterpiece Theater and the BBC. Having studied this era for years, I find the storytelling amazing yet still accurate on the important matters. The acting is great, as well. I am really enjoying this.